Dante Alighieri: the great poet and esotericism

Dante Alighieri is widely considered the father of the Italian language, his fame is eminently due to the paternity of the Comedìa , which later became famous as the Divine Comedy , universally considered the greatest work written in Italian and one of the greatest masterpieces of world literature. Expression of medieval culture, filtered through the lyric of the DolceContinua a leggere “Dante Alighieri: the great poet and esotericism”

Ascension: the journey home

The term Ascension generally indicates a process of elevation, literally a journey “upward”, in a physical or spiritual sense, or even both at the same time. In the Christian tradition, the Ascension is the ascension to heaven of Jesus Christ (which took place 40 days after his resurrection) and the festival that derives from this event. In Christianity theContinua a leggere “Ascension: the journey home”

Daimon: the true form of our Self

Daemon is the Latin word for the ancient Greek daimon (δαίμων: “god”, “divine”, “power”, “destiny”), which originally referred to a lesser deity or guiding spirit such as demons (of course not intended as the we mean today ) of ancient Greek religion and mythology and later Hellenistic religion and philosophy. The word comes from the Proto-Indo-European daimon “divider (of fortunes or destinies),”Continua a leggere “Daimon: the true form of our Self”

Archons: who controls the material world

Many people have heard the term “Archon”, but it is very difficult to define it. In the texts after the fire in the library of Alexandria there is some mention of mysterious beings called Archons. In 1947 texts were found contained in clay pots near Nag Hammadi, Egypt, and in these texts there are storiesContinua a leggere “Archons: who controls the material world”

Music, sounds, vibrations: the frequencies of life

Music has always made us vibrate the strings of the soul, unleashing indescribable emotions … Music can motivate, create enthusiasm, induce calm, bring joy and serenity, other times some sounds can instead induce negative emotions such as anxiety or anguish. Music is closely linked to the origins of man. It is not just an artistic activity,Continua a leggere “Music, sounds, vibrations: the frequencies of life”

Soul Mates: spiritual ties that go beyond myths and legends

In love it is always good not to have expectations impossible to reach and keep your feet on the ground, but then let yourself be truly amazed!Instinct is very important. Pay close attention to this alarm bell: when you meet your soul mate it is very likely to feel familiar from the first moments: if thisContinua a leggere “Soul Mates: spiritual ties that go beyond myths and legends”

New Age: the movement of the new era

New Age is a general expression to indicate a vast movement that includes numerous alternative psychological, social and spiritual currents that arose at the end of the twentieth century in the western world. It began to be spread by the US mass media in the late sixties, to describe the forms of spiritual counterculture interestedContinua a leggere “New Age: the movement of the new era”

The breath of life: our greatest divine gift goes beyond science

The basic principle of Biodynamics is that within man, understood as body, mind and emotions in its entirety, there is a Life Force , called in Biodynamics ” Cranium Sacral, Breath of Life” , which manifests itself as a guide, engine and organizer of every living system. In the body the Breath of Life (Qi, Ki, Chi, Prana, Energy) isContinua a leggere “The breath of life: our greatest divine gift goes beyond science”

Trees: beings with infinite spiritual and physical powers

The word tree is derived from the Latin arbor . The wood of the trees is an energy source and building material. From the trees, we obtain the cellulose for the production of paper. Specimens of trees with historic features of considerable size are defined landscape and monumental trees in some countries surveyed and protected. According to estimates by the Forest Service, areContinua a leggere “Trees: beings with infinite spiritual and physical powers”