Sun Gazing: the power to feed on the sun and its benefits

The Sungazing is the act of looking directly at the sun during sunrise and / or sunset to draw energy and other benefits. It is sometimes practiced as part of a spiritual or religious practice. The human eye is very sensitive and prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can also lead to serious damage to the eyes: this is whyContinua a leggere “Sun Gazing: the power to feed on the sun and its benefits”

Seneca: friendship and sharing

Lucio Anneo Seneca, also known only as Seneca, was a Roman philosopher, playwright and politician, exponent of the eclectic stoicism of the imperial age, active in many fields, including public life. He became tutor and tutor of the future emperor Nero, on behalf of his mother, Giulia Agrippina Augusta. After the so-called “five-year period ofContinua a leggere “Seneca: friendship and sharing”