Halo: what are the origins and meanings of the golden circle?

The halo, sometimes also called the nimbus , is a figurative attribute used in sacred art, present not only in the Christian religion but also in many others, including Buddhism, to indicate someone’s holiness. It consists of a halo of light that surrounds the head or body: more specifically, the halo is the light that surrounds the body,Continua a leggere “Halo: what are the origins and meanings of the golden circle?”

Aureola: quali sono le origini e i significati del cerchio d’oro?

L’aureola, alle volte detta anche nimbo, è un attributo figurativo usato nell’arte sacra, presente non solo nella religione cristiana ma anche in molte altre, tra cui il buddhismo, per indicare la santità di qualcuno. Consiste in un alone di luce che avvolge la testa o il corpo: più specificamente, l’aureola è la luce che circondaContinua a leggere “Aureola: quali sono le origini e i significati del cerchio d’oro?”

The order of the RosaCroce

The term Rosicrucian refers to a legendary secret order dating back to the fifteenth century, generally associated with the symbol of the rose and the cross.Various modern esoteric organizations, usually called Fraternities , or orders associated with the use of Masonry rituals, claim the legacy of the legendary Rose Cross Order.Founded, according to some legends, by ChristianContinua a leggere “The order of the RosaCroce”

L’ordine dei RosaCroce

Il termine Rosacroce si riferisce ad un leggendario ordine segreto risalente al secolo XV, generalmente associato con il simbolo della rosa e della croce.Varie organizzazioni esoteriche moderne, di solito chiamate Fraternità, o ordini connessi con l’utilizzo dei rituali della Massoneria, rivendicano l’eredità del leggendario Ordine Rosa-Croce.Fondato, secondo alcune leggende, da Christian Rosenkreuz, un gentiluomo cristianoContinua a leggere “L’ordine dei RosaCroce”

Archons: who controls the material world

Many people have heard the term “Archon”, but it is very difficult to define it. In the texts after the fire in the library of Alexandria there is some mention of mysterious beings called Archons. In 1947 texts were found contained in clay pots near Nag Hammadi, Egypt, and in these texts there are storiesContinua a leggere “Archons: who controls the material world”

Aeons: emanations of God

The aeons, in many Gnostic systems, represent the various emanations of the first God, also known as the One, the Monad, Aion Teleos (the Perfect Aeon), Bythos (Greek for Depth), Proarkhe (Greek for Before the Beginning) ), Arkhe (Greek for Top).  This first being is also an aeon and contains within itself another being known as EnnoiaContinua a leggere “Aeons: emanations of God”