Arconti: chi controlla il mondo materiale

Molte persone hanno sentito il termine “Arconte”, ma si fa molta fatica a definirlo. Nei testi dopo l’incendio della biblioteca di Alessandria c’è qualche accenno ad esseri misteriosi chiamati Arconti. Nel 1947 sono stati trovati dei testi contenuti in vasi di creta presso Nag Hammadi, in Egitto, e in questi testi sono presenti le storieContinua a leggere “Arconti: chi controlla il mondo materiale”

Lemuria: the “lost” continent of wonders

Lemuria is a hypothetical vanished continent, located in the Indian or Pacific Ocean. The stories about Lemuria differ according to the need for contextualization of the authors; almost all share, however, the cataclysmic element that would have made the ancient continent sink, in analogy with Plato’s Atlantis. Although the lemurs living today are found only in MadagascarContinua a leggere “Lemuria: the “lost” continent of wonders”

Mondialism: how we get manipulated through mind control and single thought

There are dark and powerful forces that have set themselves the goal of irreparably detaching human beings from their roots, of making them “wandering atoms” on earth, unanchored, homologated and interchangeable, in order to be able to increasingly manipulate, exploit and enslave them … The loss of roots and the loss of identity, which areContinua a leggere “Mondialism: how we get manipulated through mind control and single thought”