Enochian: the language to communicate with angels?

There are many mythical languages, from the language of witches to that of the Voynich Manuscript, but one in particular stands out: the Enochian, the so-called “language of angels”.  This language would come from the private writings of the mathematician, astronomer and personal occultist of the famous Queen of England Elizabeth I, John Dee andContinua a leggere “Enochian: the language to communicate with angels?”

Enochiano: il linguaggio per comunicare con gli angeli?

Ci sono molte lingue mitiche, dal linguaggio delle streghe a quella del Manoscritto Voynich, ma ne spicca una in particolare: l’Enochiano, la cosiddetta “lingua degli angeli”. Tale linguaggio proverrebbe dagli scritti privati del matematico, astronomo ed occultista personale della celeberrima regina d’Inghilterra Elisabetta I, John Dee e del suo successore, l’enigmatico Edward Kelley e furonoContinua a leggere “Enochiano: il linguaggio per comunicare con gli angeli?”

The kingdom of angels: who are they, how many are they, how are they?

In many religious traditions, an angel is a spiritual being who assists and serves God (or the gods) or is at the service of man along the path of his spiritual progress and his earthly existence.All the major monotheistic religions, for centuries, believe in the existence of a large hierarchy of angels rebels against theContinua a leggere “The kingdom of angels: who are they, how many are they, how are they?”

The small people: special companions hidden around us

Today we are talking about a topic that has always been close to our heart … The small people, the fairies, the sidhe, the elemental beings, the spirits of nature, whatever name you want to give them, they are the spirits linked, in fact, to nature and to the elements of the planet Earth andContinua a leggere “The small people: special companions hidden around us”