Archons: who controls the material world

Many people have heard the term “Archon”, but it is very difficult to define it. In the texts after the fire in the library of Alexandria there is some mention of mysterious beings called Archons. In 1947 texts were found contained in clay pots near Nag Hammadi, Egypt, and in these texts there are storiesContinua a leggere “Archons: who controls the material world”

Life, research and esoteric works of Helena Blavatsky

Eléna Petróvna von Hahn, in Russian Еле́на Петро́вна Ган, married to Blaváckij; Anglicized into Helena Blavatsky or even, Madame Blavatsky was a philosopher, theosophist, occultist essayist and Russian naturalized American medium. He was born on August 12 or 31, 1831 in Dnipro, Ukraine and died on May 8, 1891 in London. Also known with the initialsContinua a leggere “Life, research and esoteric works of Helena Blavatsky”

Lemuria: the “lost” continent of wonders

Lemuria is a hypothetical vanished continent, located in the Indian or Pacific Ocean. The stories about Lemuria differ according to the need for contextualization of the authors; almost all share, however, the cataclysmic element that would have made the ancient continent sink, in analogy with Plato’s Atlantis. Although the lemurs living today are found only in MadagascarContinua a leggere “Lemuria: the “lost” continent of wonders”

Magic of crystals: life, energy, properties and uses of the mineral world

Today we are used to seeing crystals and precious stones in the stalls of folk festivals and with an esoteric theme, we are increasingly used to using them as pendants or as precious jewels in an attempt to attract good luck or other particular skills. We are also accustomed to their use from a therapeutic andContinua a leggere “Magic of crystals: life, energy, properties and uses of the mineral world”

Magia delle pietre: vita, energie, proprietà ed utilizzi del mondo minerale

Oggi siamo abituati a vedere i cristalli e le pietre preziose nelle bancarelle delle sagre folk e a tema esoterico, siamo sempre più abituati ad utilizzarli come ciondoli o come monili preziosi nel tentativo di attirare la buona sorte o altre particolari capacità.Siamo anche abituati al loro utilizzo dal punto di vista terapeutico ed olistico,Continua a leggere “Magia delle pietre: vita, energie, proprietà ed utilizzi del mondo minerale”

Water: source of life and transformation

Water in nature is one of the main constituents of ecosystems and is the basis of all known forms of life, including the human being; to it is also due the same origin of life on our planet (as well as probably on others) and is also indispensable in civil, agricultural and industrial use; man has alwaysContinua a leggere “Water: source of life and transformation”

Trees: beings with infinite spiritual and physical powers

The word tree is derived from the Latin arbor . The wood of the trees is an energy source and building material. From the trees, we obtain the cellulose for the production of paper. Specimens of trees with historic features of considerable size are defined landscape and monumental trees in some countries surveyed and protected. According to estimates by the Forest Service, areContinua a leggere “Trees: beings with infinite spiritual and physical powers”

Aliens: who are they?

The word alien (from the Latin alienus , or ‘belonging to others, others; stranger; alien; adverse », assumes different meanings depending on the context), in general indicates any thing or person unrelated to the context. The term extraterrestrial instead (commonly understood as alien) means any object or subject of origin external to the planet Earth and can be related to material such as meteoritesContinua a leggere “Aliens: who are they?”

Alieni: chi sono veramente?

La parola alieno (dal latino alienus, ovvero «appartenente ad altri, altrui; straniero; estraneo; avverso», assume diversi significati in funzione del contesto), in generale indica una qualunque cosa o soggetto estraneo al contesto.Il termine extraterrestre invece (volgarmente inteso come alieno) indica qualsiasi oggetto o soggetto di provenienza esterna al pianeta Terra e può essere riferito aContinua a leggere “Alieni: chi sono veramente?”

Seneca: friendship and sharing

Lucio Anneo Seneca, also known only as Seneca, was a Roman philosopher, playwright and politician, exponent of the eclectic stoicism of the imperial age, active in many fields, including public life. He became tutor and tutor of the future emperor Nero, on behalf of his mother, Giulia Agrippina Augusta. After the so-called “five-year period ofContinua a leggere “Seneca: friendship and sharing”