Who is Kryon and what are his messages?

The American esoteric writer Lee Carroll claims to receive messages, through the technique of channeling (which we will discuss later in a future article), from an alleged “angelic entity” that he calls Kryon . Carroll began publishing the Kryon messages in 1989, abruptly abandoning his previous business as a sound engineer. According to him, Kryon would be a loving being similarContinua a leggere “Who is Kryon and what are his messages?”

Kabbalah: what is it and what is it about?

Cabal, Qabbaláh or Kabbalah, literally means “to receive”, but also “tradition” and in fact indicates a series of esoteric and mystical teachings of Jewish origin, whose purpose is to investigate the secrets of the cosmos and of life. It is not a religion, despite being used by various Jewish currents, rather a mystical interpretation of divineContinua a leggere “Kabbalah: what is it and what is it about?”

Archons: who controls the material world

Many people have heard the term “Archon”, but it is very difficult to define it. In the texts after the fire in the library of Alexandria there is some mention of mysterious beings called Archons. In 1947 texts were found contained in clay pots near Nag Hammadi, Egypt, and in these texts there are storiesContinua a leggere “Archons: who controls the material world”

Eoni: emanazioni di Dio

Gli eoni, in molti sistemi gnostici, rappresentano le varie emanazioni del Dio primo, noto anche come l’Uno, la Monade, Aion Teleos (l’Eone Perfetto), Bythos (greco per Profondità), Proarkhe (greco per Prima dell’Inizio), Arkhe (greco per Inizio). Questo primo essere è anch’esso un eone e contiene in sé un altro essere noto come Ennoia (greco perContinua a leggere “Eoni: emanazioni di Dio”

New Age: il movimento della nuova era

New Age (in italiano “nuova era”) è un’espressione generale per indicare un vasto movimento che comprende numerose correnti psicologiche, sociali e spirituali alternative sorte alla fine del XX secolo nel mondo occidentale. Iniziò a essere diffuso dai mass media statunitensi nei tardi anni sessanta, per descrivere le forme di controcultura spirituale interessate a pratiche eContinua a leggere “New Age: il movimento della nuova era”

Enochiano: il linguaggio per comunicare con gli angeli?

Ci sono molte lingue mitiche, dal linguaggio delle streghe a quella del Manoscritto Voynich, ma ne spicca una in particolare: l’Enochiano, la cosiddetta “lingua degli angeli”. Tale linguaggio proverrebbe dagli scritti privati del matematico, astronomo ed occultista personale della celeberrima regina d’Inghilterra Elisabetta I, John Dee e del suo successore, l’enigmatico Edward Kelley e furonoContinua a leggere “Enochiano: il linguaggio per comunicare con gli angeli?”

Life, research and esoteric works of Helena Blavatsky

Eléna Petróvna von Hahn, in Russian Еле́на Петро́вна Ган, married to Blaváckij; Anglicized into Helena Blavatsky or even, Madame Blavatsky was a philosopher, theosophist, occultist essayist and Russian naturalized American medium. He was born on August 12 or 31, 1831 in Dnipro, Ukraine and died on May 8, 1891 in London. Also known with the initialsContinua a leggere “Life, research and esoteric works of Helena Blavatsky”

Lemuria: the “lost” continent of wonders

Lemuria is a hypothetical vanished continent, located in the Indian or Pacific Ocean. The stories about Lemuria differ according to the need for contextualization of the authors; almost all share, however, the cataclysmic element that would have made the ancient continent sink, in analogy with Plato’s Atlantis. Although the lemurs living today are found only in MadagascarContinua a leggere “Lemuria: the “lost” continent of wonders”

Magic of crystals: life, energy, properties and uses of the mineral world

Today we are used to seeing crystals and precious stones in the stalls of folk festivals and with an esoteric theme, we are increasingly used to using them as pendants or as precious jewels in an attempt to attract good luck or other particular skills. We are also accustomed to their use from a therapeutic andContinua a leggere “Magic of crystals: life, energy, properties and uses of the mineral world”

Telepathy: communicating with thought

Telepathy is the transmission of psychic content or thoughts without using the other 5 senses. It is therefore a form of extrasensory perception (ESP). The existence of telepathy is still widely discussed by many scholars today. Some believe in its existence, others do not … therefore studies and research are being carried out on it. It isContinua a leggere “Telepathy: communicating with thought”