Culto di saturno: la religione che tutti venerano inconsapevolmente

Assieme al culto del Sole e della Luna, quello di Saturno è il più antico dei culti, così radicato nelle tradizioni umane che secondo molte fonti in realtà non sarebbe mai scomparso e i suoi rituali continuerebbero ad essere perpetrati anche ai nostri giorni, in forme più o meno esplicite… Saturno, detto anche Seth nell’Continua a leggere “Culto di saturno: la religione che tutti venerano inconsapevolmente”

New Age: il movimento della nuova era

New Age (in italiano “nuova era”) è un’espressione generale per indicare un vasto movimento che comprende numerose correnti psicologiche, sociali e spirituali alternative sorte alla fine del XX secolo nel mondo occidentale. Iniziò a essere diffuso dai mass media statunitensi nei tardi anni sessanta, per descrivere le forme di controcultura spirituale interessate a pratiche eContinua a leggere “New Age: il movimento della nuova era”

Life, research and esoteric works of Helena Blavatsky

Eléna Petróvna von Hahn, in Russian Еле́на Петро́вна Ган, married to Blaváckij; Anglicized into Helena Blavatsky or even, Madame Blavatsky was a philosopher, theosophist, occultist essayist and Russian naturalized American medium. He was born on August 12 or 31, 1831 in Dnipro, Ukraine and died on May 8, 1891 in London. Also known with the initialsContinua a leggere “Life, research and esoteric works of Helena Blavatsky”

Lemuria: the “lost” continent of wonders

Lemuria is a hypothetical vanished continent, located in the Indian or Pacific Ocean. The stories about Lemuria differ according to the need for contextualization of the authors; almost all share, however, the cataclysmic element that would have made the ancient continent sink, in analogy with Plato’s Atlantis. Although the lemurs living today are found only in MadagascarContinua a leggere “Lemuria: the “lost” continent of wonders”

Do UFOs exist? The Pentagon confesses by releasing 3 videos

The fascination for the inexplicable never disappears … and the UFO phenomenon is perhaps one of the most powerful of these stories, which connects uncertainty on worlds beyond ours with conspiracy theories about government and in particular on the government of the United States of America. “The Pentagon publishes three videos of “unidentified air phenomena”Continua a leggere “Do UFOs exist? The Pentagon confesses by releasing 3 videos”

Gli UFO esistono? Il Pentagono confessa rilasciando 3 video

Il fascino per l’inspiegabile non scompare mai… e il fenomeno UFO è forse una delle più potenti tra queste storie, che collega l’incertezza sui mondi al di là del nostro con le teorie della cospirazione sul governo e in particolare sul governo degli Stati Uniti d’America. “Il Pentagono pubblica tre video di «fenomeni aerei nonContinua a leggere “Gli UFO esistono? Il Pentagono confessa rilasciando 3 video”

Magic of crystals: life, energy, properties and uses of the mineral world

Today we are used to seeing crystals and precious stones in the stalls of folk festivals and with an esoteric theme, we are increasingly used to using them as pendants or as precious jewels in an attempt to attract good luck or other particular skills. We are also accustomed to their use from a therapeutic andContinua a leggere “Magic of crystals: life, energy, properties and uses of the mineral world”

Telepathy: communicating with thought

Telepathy is the transmission of psychic content or thoughts without using the other 5 senses. It is therefore a form of extrasensory perception (ESP). The existence of telepathy is still widely discussed by many scholars today. Some believe in its existence, others do not … therefore studies and research are being carried out on it. It isContinua a leggere “Telepathy: communicating with thought”

Water: source of life and transformation

Water in nature is one of the main constituents of ecosystems and is the basis of all known forms of life, including the human being; to it is also due the same origin of life on our planet (as well as probably on others) and is also indispensable in civil, agricultural and industrial use; man has alwaysContinua a leggere “Water: source of life and transformation”

Mondialism: how we get manipulated through mind control and single thought

There are dark and powerful forces that have set themselves the goal of irreparably detaching human beings from their roots, of making them “wandering atoms” on earth, unanchored, homologated and interchangeable, in order to be able to increasingly manipulate, exploit and enslave them … The loss of roots and the loss of identity, which areContinua a leggere “Mondialism: how we get manipulated through mind control and single thought”