Who is Kryon and what are his messages?

The American esoteric writer Lee Carroll claims to receive messages, through the technique of channeling (which we will discuss later in a future article), from an alleged “angelic entity” that he calls Kryon . Carroll began publishing the Kryon messages in 1989, abruptly abandoning his previous business as a sound engineer. According to him, Kryon would be a loving being similarContinua a leggere “Who is Kryon and what are his messages?”

Sun Gazing: the power to feed on the sun and its benefits

The Sungazing is the act of looking directly at the sun during sunrise and / or sunset to draw energy and other benefits. It is sometimes practiced as part of a spiritual or religious practice. The human eye is very sensitive and prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can also lead to serious damage to the eyes: this is whyContinua a leggere “Sun Gazing: the power to feed on the sun and its benefits”

Kabbalah: what is it and what is it about?

Cabal, Qabbaláh or Kabbalah, literally means “to receive”, but also “tradition” and in fact indicates a series of esoteric and mystical teachings of Jewish origin, whose purpose is to investigate the secrets of the cosmos and of life. It is not a religion, despite being used by various Jewish currents, rather a mystical interpretation of divineContinua a leggere “Kabbalah: what is it and what is it about?”

Vampires: blood, energy, life force… the reality behind the legends

Cold, pale, lovers of night and darkness, they sleep in coffins, turn into bats and prefer virgins … surely this is the most common description that comes to anyone’s mind when it comes to Vampires … Well … vampires do exist, and some are among us too.  In fact, vampires can also be ordinary people, friends, brothers,Continua a leggere “Vampires: blood, energy, life force… the reality behind the legends”

Archons: who controls the material world

Many people have heard the term “Archon”, but it is very difficult to define it. In the texts after the fire in the library of Alexandria there is some mention of mysterious beings called Archons. In 1947 texts were found contained in clay pots near Nag Hammadi, Egypt, and in these texts there are storiesContinua a leggere “Archons: who controls the material world”

The Imp of the Perverse: what drives a man to his self-destruction?

The Imp of the Perverse is a short story written in nonfiction form by Edgar Allan Poe. We discuss the various self-destructive impulses that can come to take possession of man, all embodied as a symbolic metaphor of the so-called “ genius of perversion “: the narrator describes this sprite as the agent who tries to make peopleContinua a leggere “The Imp of the Perverse: what drives a man to his self-destruction?”

Who is the Wizard? The reality behind the fantasy

According to the common and popular conception, a magician is a person with magical powers and supernatural abilities. The term itself is actually the transliteration of the Greek term magos(μάγος, plural μάγοι), that is, wise . It is a title specifically referred to the Magi: king-priests of Zoroastrianism, typical of the last period of the Persian empire. But thereContinua a leggere “Who is the Wizard? The reality behind the fantasy”

Chi è davvero il mago? La realtà dietro la fantasia

Secondo la concezione comune e popolare, un mago è una persona con poteri magici ed abilità soprannaturali. Il termine in sé in realtà è la traslitterazione del termine greco magos (μάγος, plurale μάγοι), cioè sapiente. Si tratta di un titolo riferito specificamente ai Magi: re-sacerdoti dello Zoroastrismo, tipici dell’ultimo periodo dell’impero persiano. Ma c’erano maghiContinua a leggere “Chi è davvero il mago? La realtà dietro la fantasia”

Culto di saturno: la religione che tutti venerano inconsapevolmente

Assieme al culto del Sole e della Luna, quello di Saturno è il più antico dei culti, così radicato nelle tradizioni umane che secondo molte fonti in realtà non sarebbe mai scomparso e i suoi rituali continuerebbero ad essere perpetrati anche ai nostri giorni, in forme più o meno esplicite… Saturno, detto anche Seth nell’Continua a leggere “Culto di saturno: la religione che tutti venerano inconsapevolmente”

Gesto delle corna: tutti i significati dall’antichità a oggi

Il gesto delle corna è uno dei gesti di mano più famosi e utilizzati al mondo. Gesto dai vari significati: può essere di approvazione, buona fortuna e complicità con diffusione in centro e nord Europa, o volgare ed offensivo con diffusione nell’Europa mediterranea, le cui origini risalgono all’antica Grecia. La mitologia racconta che il Minotauro,Continua a leggere “Gesto delle corna: tutti i significati dall’antichità a oggi”