The Moon and its mysteries

The Moon is the only satellite of the Earth. Its proper name is sometimes used, par excellence, as a synonym for satellite also for the celestial bodies that orbit around other planets.

It orbits at a distance close enough to be observable with the naked eye, so that on its surface it is possible to distinguish dark spots and light spots. Being in synchronous rotation it always turns the same face towards the Earth.

During its orbital motion, the different aspect caused by the orientation with respect to the Sun generates clearly visible phases that have influenced man’s behavior since ancient times. Impersonated by the Greeks as the goddess Selene, she was long since considered influential on crops, famines and fertility. It conditions the life on Earth of many living species, regulating their reproductive cycle and hunting periods; it acts on the tides and the stability of the earth’s rotation axis.

The Moon is thought to have formed 4.5 billion years ago, not long after the Earth was born. There are several theories regarding its formation; the most credible is that it formed from the aggregation of debris left in orbit after the collision between the Earth and an object the size of Mars called Theia.

Its astronomical symbol ☾ is a stylized representation of its waning phase.

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At the time of Pythagoras, as the Pythagorean school stated, it was considered a planet. One of the earliest developments in astronomy was the understanding of lunar cycles. As early as the 5th century BC, Babylonian astronomers recorded the repetition cycles (saros) of lunar eclipses and Indian astronomers described the elongation motions of the Moon. Later the apparent shape of the Moon, the phases, and the cause of the full Moon were explained. Although the Chinese of the Han dynasty believed that the Moon had a Ki type energy, their theory admitted that the light of the Moon was only a reflection of that of the Sun.

Galileo discovered that its surface was not smooth, but corrugated and composed of valleys, high mountains and craters. 

The astronomer Alfonso Fresa, posing the problem of the habitability of the Moon, inextricably linked it to the presence of water and air:

« First of all we need to understand the meaning of the word life, which, if it is to be understood in the organic sense, will very unlikely still be able to lodge on the Moon, since up there the necessary factors for its existence are lacking: air and water. It could be objected that a complete absence of them should not be taken literally, because even if refraction phenomena do not occur even in a very small part, a very small residue of air may exist on our satellite, although even the spectroscopic analysis has confirmed that our satellite is completely devoid of atmosphere . ” 
(Fresa, pp. 434-435)

The Moon is often the protagonist in many mythologies and popular beliefs. The numerous lunar deities are often female, such as the Greek goddesses Selene and Artemis, and their Roman equivalents Luna and Diana. Male deities can also be found, such as Nanna or Sin of the Mesopotamians, Thot of the Egyptians, Men of the Phrygians and the Japanese god Tsukuyomi… and also Isil, which is part of the mythology of Arda, an imaginary world created by JRR Tolkien.

In the Hindu religion, a mythological anecdote featuring Ganesha (the elephant-headed divinity) explains the origin of the moon phases (see Ganesha and the Moon). Muhammad is credited with the miracle of the division of the moon.

Words like “lunatic” are derived from the Moon.

The (crescent) Moon with a star is the symbol, first adopted by Mustafa III (1757–1774) and then definitively chosen by Abdul Hamid I (1774–1789) and Selim III (1789–1807), of the Empire Ottoman and is still present in some flags of the Muslim states.

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The Moon occupies a great deal of prominence in popular beliefs: fishermen must always fish on full moon nights because the moon attracts fish to the surface, while farmers claim that the must must be put in barrels during the new moon, to make it become wine. In the gardens, then, the moon plays a very important role: you must always sow on a waning moon. For example, lettuce would not make the male (the flower). The belief in the increase in births during the waxing Moon is still widespread. Even the ancient popular proverbs deal extensively with the influence of the Moon on all aspects of peasant life, just think of the proverb: « Moon of bunches in January Moon of bunches in February ».

In medieval mythology, the full moon occupies an important position: it was believed that werewolves transform themselves in the light of the moon, a belief with origins dating back to classical antiquity; moreover, since the Roman age, sorcerers and witches come together for their Esbat, a ritual which, through Late Antiquity, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, modern and contemporary history has been handed down until today and is still practiced today.

According to many theories, perhaps there is a fake lunar hologram projected over our real satellite. In 2014 conspiracy theorist and YouTuber Crrow777 accidentally caught something odd on tape. A wave on the moon, similar to the static one on a television screen.

Here is a link to the video:

There are actually some ancient cultures that refer to an era when there was no moon at all. According to Zulu legend, our empty moon was enacted by two brothers with scaly, fish-like skin. 
Legend has it that Wowane and Mpanku brought the moon to Earth after stealing it from a large fire dragon. Only after emptying the egg-like planet from its “yolk” did they place it in Earth’s orbit. Curious how the ancient symbol of the cosmic egg has a snake wrapped around it.
And who was the great fire dragon? Planet X, or Nibiru, is a hypothetical ninth planet referred to in ancient cultures as the homeworld of the gods. NASA has begun to take its existence seriously. Presumably its strange orbit causes it to remain invisible for thousands of years. This planet has often been compared to the Red Dragon of the Book of Revelation. Perhaps the aliens brought the moon with them from their home world.

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So what is the moon? Is it a giant observatory for alien lords? Remember, the fake moon is where the director oversaw and controlled Jim Carrey’s life in The Truman Show. 
This alien lunar base is presumably where we erased our memories before being forced to reincarnate again. One of the theorists of such “conspiracies” is Max Spiers , who mysteriously died after vomiting black liquid.

Some argue that after death there is a ” trick of the light ” that you absolutely must not fall for. Going towards that light would actually lead you to an entrance into the moon and, as the DreamWorks logo suggests, this is where the “gods” fish for souls …

All we have heard about “going into the light” is actually predictive programming , and it’s a trap, like a moth attracted to a flame.

And again… the rabbit has always been associated with the moon in almost all cultures.



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