Mudfossils: the origins of the mountains between ancient giants and Nephilim

At the end of the 18th century, the haze of fantasy and mysticism that tended to obscure the true nature of the Earth began to be swept away…
We all know more or less that rocks have different origins.
Some rock layers, containing clearly identifiable fossil remains of fish and other forms of animal and plant life originally formed in the ocean.

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Some rocks were once lava flows or ash beds thrown by ancient volcanoes; others are portions of large masses of once molten rock that have cooled very slowly far below the earth’s surface. Other rocks have been so transformed by heat and pressure during the uplift and deformation of the earth’s crust in periods of mountain formation that their original characteristics have been “erased”.

From the results of studies on the origin of various types of rocks ( petrology ), combined with studies on the stratification of rocks ( stratigraphy ) and on the evolution of life ( paleontology ), today geologists reconstruct the sequence of events that have shaped the earth’s surface .

In another part of the world, the earth’s surface has subsided and been covered by water. With the sinking of the earth’s surface, sediments settled on the ocean floor.

Recurring events such as the building of mountains and the invasion of waters, of which the rocks themselves are documents, include units of geological time even if the actual dates of the events are unknown. By comparison, the history of humanity is similarly organized into relative time units. We speak of human events as they happened both before and after Christ. The shortest spans are measured by the dynasties of ancient Egypt or the reigns of kings and queens in Europe. Geologists have done the same thing with geological time by dividing the history of the Earth into broad spans of eras based on the general character of life that existed during these periods and shorter periods based in part on evidence of major disturbances in the earth’s crust.

Mud can hold extraordinary quantities if it accumulates in a particular way. It must stabilize in time, before decay dissolves the flesh and sinews that hold a skeleton together and before bones are separated, washed away and broken into fragments. As more mud settles in thicker and thicker layers on the bottom, the underlying body is squeezed. The mud can be so glutinous that it cuts off oxygen and therefore some meat relics may survive. But even if that disappears entirely, the scales and bones can remain, and when the mudstone is removed the fossilized body is revealed in great detail.

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The academy refers to them as soft body fossils. This is obviously a very limiting term. It is basically where an infiltration occurs and the organic material of a dead creature is replaced with minerals little by little leaving an exact replica of the creature. Mud fossils, however, take into account very very large creatures, as well as other materials, including technology that would turn into stone under similar circumstances.
The ideal conditions for the process are very very slow moving mud. This mud keeps all the natural processes of a human body going for example and allows your organs to keep their shape.

If these were formed by chaotic means, we shouldn’t really see these features evenly spaced.

Part of the “mud-fossils” theory is that ancient man looked for these carcasses to build on because they already had some sort of favorable habitat around them.

The basic premise of such a theory is that rocks are formed mainly from petrified, fossilized giant creatures / organisms and not from other activities.

The origins of Stonehenge have baffled historians for generations…

Archaeologists believe the structure was built from 3000 BC to 2000 BC.
Now some researchers claim that the huge stones are actually formed from parts of a giant’s body.

Roger Spurr, 70, believes the stones are the bones of a giant referenced in the Bible and the Book of Enoch, an ancient Hebrew religious text.

According to the text of Enoch, according to the Bible and many other religious and non-religious texts, God sent a flood some 4,300 years ago to destroy the children who had become wicked and corrupt.

The Flood is said to have destroyed everyone on Earth except Noah and those on the Ark.

The sons of God are described as angels who mated with “daughters of men” and were known as Nephilim .

Mr. Spurr remarkably stated that the saltwater from the flood mixed with the mud to perfectly preserve the bodies of the giants, which were structured creatures like us, but up to two and a half miles tall.

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The stones at Stonehenge are made of sandstone and igneous rocks known as blue stone.

In a YouTube video he discusses how a stone from the ancient monument called limestone is a “giant foot”.

Mr. Spurr, who lives in Connecticut, USA, states that the holes in the stone are located in exactly the same place as the arteries of a human foot.

He also thinks that the stone has exactly the same shape as a human foot.
He studied rocks all over the world which, according to him, are formed from the remains of giants.

He described these preserved bones as “fossil mud” and claimed that many rocks and boulders are actually the remains of giants.

The mudfossils are created through a very long process. The salt water removes all the sticky substance in the fabric and petrifies the remains of soft tissue.

Mr. Spurr added that there are areas of the stone with discoloration in the stone that is actually dried blood.

He said hemoglobin – found in red blood cells – freezes when meat and mud solidify and dry out the blood.

But he claims that if it is mixed with acid the blood will “become liquid” and spill out of the stones of Stonehenge.

He said that doing so would “reactivate” the giant’s DNA and “could tell us more about the history of the Earth.”

Mr. Spurr shares his research on giants on his Facebook page: Mudfossil University .


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