Crop circles: where do they come from?

Crop circles are a mystery that still fascinates millions of people. There are those who say that they are messages from aliens, visitors from another time, planet or dimension, and those who say instead that it is simply a well-elaborated joke by some joker on duty. In order to arrive at an answer we must start from the beginning.

In 1987 crop circles began to appear, but not just anywhere. It was a specific area of ​​the UK, where scholars say that sacred rituals were performed in the past:

• Avebury;

• Silbury Hill;

• Stonehenge.

The designs were complex, precise and all of them could only be seen from above. At first they were simpler, but year after year they became more and more elaborate. There were some witnesses who claimed to have seen a light in the fields where the circles then appeared, which led to the hypothesis of supernatural origins especially of UFO nature. The phenomenon began to attract a lot of attention. Scientists, onlookers and enthusiasts all went to the place to study the phenomenon in the hope of being able to find a possible cause.

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In 1991 two men (Dave Charley and Doug Bower) claimed they were the ones who created the crop circles. They called the press and showed everyone the method they said they used. It was a very simple technique that used a wooden beam supported by two ropes on the sides that they then pushed with their feet to flatten the ears. Many believed this story, but some scientists remained skeptical about it. How could two 60-year-olds have created hundreds of drawings, each one made in a single night? The circles were too large and precise to have been made using such a method.

In the years that followed, grain designs began to appear all over the world, most if not all of them made by jokers and artists. But Dr. William Levengood, after studying more than 350 crop circle samples for 10 years, discovered that some of them had not been made by terrestrial technologies. What had created those circles he referred to as a “spinning plasma vortex,” a complex energy system originating from somewhere high up in the atmosphere. Many also confirmed that the original crop circles could be recognized by the fact that in their vicinity all types of electronic devices went crazy or stopped working (new batteries suddenly discharged, malfunctioning cameras and mobile phones, etc …).

This image shows how the ears that came into contact with the alien energy have not been broken, their structure has been modified to bend “naturally”.

Levengood was able to find the cause of the original crop circles, but the source of that energy and what caused it remain a mystery to this day.

Anna Maria Bona 
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