Ascension: the journey home

The term Ascension generally indicates a process of elevation, literally a journey “upward”, in a physical or spiritual sense, or even both at the same time. In the Christian tradition, the Ascension is the ascension to heaven of Jesus Christ (which took place 40 days after his resurrection) and the festival that derives from this event.

In Christianity the term Ascension is used only for Jesus; in the case of Mary, who according to Catholic tradition and doctrine was transferred to heaven with her body, we speak of the Assumption instead .

The Koran narrates that one night Mohammed was awakened by an angel and carried to the esplanade of the Temple in Jerusalem.
From there, riding Buraq , an Islamic mystical steed, he would ascend the seven Heavens meeting the prophets who had preceded him, including Moses and Jesus, and finally he would be admitted in the presence of Allah. Muhammad’s ascension was a temporary phenomenon though, as he would later return to Earth.

In the “new age” context, the term ascension is generally used as a synonym for evolutionary growth, both in the sense of increased spiritual awareness and in the more strictly physical and material sense. In this second sense, the expansion of consciousness would go hand in hand with a process of alchemical transfiguration / transmutation , capable, for some, of modifying and reactivating currently inactive components of the same genetic coding. This would eventually be followed by a real conscious leap towards higher dimensions of the so-called “multiverse”, which we will discuss in more detail in our subsequent article.

Parallel Universes of the Self

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Ascension is the path of those who choose to consciously enter a higher level of light. It is a personal choice to courageously enter the unknown to expand into a completely “new” experience …

Ascension is actively choosing to evolve into a higher consciousness.

Ascension is the merging with one’s higher self, opening one’s heart to reunite with the Source, the Christed Light and all levels and layers of the authentic Self. It is about returning to the experience of Divine Light and experiencing the highest levels of unconditional love and Divine Alignment with the Source of Pure Light in every area of ​​life.

Ascension is not something that happens to us on a certain date, or that we stumble over unknowingly or unintentionally.

Rather, through expanded awareness and by integrating the higher vibrational consciousness of our spiritual self, we are able to ascend.

Ascension is a process of aligning with higher consciousness and the Divine. It does not happen instantly or automatically, but incrementally, as we increase the illumination of our present moment one step at a time.

Ascension is not just spiritual, physical or mental. The ascension process impacts your entire being and how you perceive, relate to and interact with the world around you. Ascension is a total transformation. To ascend is to realign with Divine Love and awareness on an expanded level of consciousness.

In the theosophical doctrine founded by Madame Blavatsky , in particular, the concept of ascension is closely connected with that of initiation and with the ontological hierarchy into which the universal reality as a whole is divided. As man has evolved by passing through the condition of minerals, plants and animals, so is he called to evolve further up to the next angelic degrees: ascension is precisely the passage of degree that takes place through a phase of preparation and discipleship, which culminates with an initiatory investiture.

The process, symptoms and related signs occur on a personal, physical and mental level. They include the acceleration of the energy of vibrations and the development of awareness that generates a change in consciousness. Once a specific life system increases its vibrational state from an energetic state of the domain of existence to a new and greater one, it is ascending . Simply explained: it’s just like tuning to a correct radio channel frequency, you wouldn’t be able to hear a certain radio channel unless you tune to its precise frequency.

While the process is ongoing, changes occur at every level of existence. The meaning of ascension is a natural process of universal advancement. As an individual movement in the frequency of vibrations, their consciousness expands, symptoms / signals are experienced on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level. Old habits and routines begin to end, being replaced by new ones, as the individual begins to show much more light.

As the individual moves through the course of progression, they may feel the symptoms and energy turn out to be much more extreme and powerful for many days and then unexpectedly these symptoms may stop altogether for a while, or the indications may change. suddenly or change in frequency and intensity. The meaning and experience of ascension is not the same for everyone and symptoms may also differ accordingly depending on the level of one’s personal vibration, awareness, life purpose, and spiritual exercise.

The Body of Light

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Before we get into further discussion of Ascension, we need to distinguish between ascension and spiritual awakening because they are not the same…
Even though the two always occur together. Ascension is the outer awareness of a new reality while spiritual awakening is the inner understanding of the soul. The first is a bodily shift of vibrations on the outside while the spiritual awakening is a huge change on the inside. Ascension is related to this bodily dimension. Awakening, on the other hand, is the awareness of the soul.

A spiritually awakened person is one who has understood that there is more to life than the materialistic world and who can perceive beyond the mask of vagueness and is actually going through the ascension process.

The meaning of ascension exists in a state of unanimity and oneness. There is no concept of self, but awareness of Oneness exists and that ascended person uses the qualities of their human presence to communicate.

It is almost impossible to be in a state of oneness all day and all night and also to maintain a normal life at the same time. This is why the person who discovers the true meaning of ascension will have to struggle endlessly to do a daily exercise of reflection and meditation, calming the mind and allowing it to go with the flow.

When you are going through the Ascension process, you just have the feeling that something is changing. You will feel different and you will not be able to explain yourself.
Digestive or stomach problems, gastrointestinal problems such as not feeling hungry anymore and feeling nauseous for no reason may appear.
Unexpected fluctuations in body temperatures such as heightened sensitivity or intolerance to cold or heat in particular areas of the body.
Fluctuating catch of cold or flu and suddenly you have none left.
Get headaches especially in the crown of your head.
Perceiving strange smells that don’t come from anywhere.
Hearing strange sounds and frequencies in the ears.
Strange vision and perception such as seeing a shadow or flashes of light.
Unusual diet and eating habits such as cravings or aversions to particular foods and sudden weight loss or gain.
Strange allergies to some products or foods.
Disturbed sleep disorders such as insomnia or sleeping for hours.
Being in your own fantasy world and daydreaming with more imagination.
General body sores, pains and bruises.
Clumsiness or feeling dizzy or feeling like falling off at any moment.
Irregular outbursts of energy such as becoming hyperactive or experiencing panic attacks.
Extremely sensitive or emotional feeling.
It is elevating your energy and consciousness into new worlds of intuition, involvement and constitution. By moving from one layer to another, you can ascend within a dimensional and spiritual realm. The meaning of ascension is that you elevate the energy within us, move our awareness and experience a new world.

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This is all about those who purify, evolve and heal energies into a greater form by rising to a higher level of vibrations. Very few people realize that the meaning of ascension is altering the body you have into a body that will suck in much more light and more energy vibrations.

It is working and healing the body that has been given to you and purifying your energies. If you make your body your priority, you will realize how essential the healing of the emotional, physical and spiritual bodies are. Each person can experience ascension and life changes in their own unique way only if they are open to it.

Keep in mind that you are not a body that has a spirit. You are a spiritual person who lives in a physical structure. This body is your sanctuary. We do not disagree that another person can help you, but in the end, YOU are responsible for your emotional, physical and spiritual health, despite the surrounding environment …

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From the point of view of the Soul, spiritual awakening is a predominantly endogenous, inner factor, the symptoms of Ascension are instead due to a predominantly exogenous factor, that is, they depend on the relationship that is established between the global energetic mutation and the way in which this it affects the life of the consciences that are immersed in the global field, during its energetic transmutation. The modality and speed with which external changes are received depends on the individual evolutionary level, and these two factors (endogenous – exogenous) are mutually correlated to a virtuous circle: in fact, on the one hand, many individual awakenings are taking place on the wave of global vibrational change; on the other hand, mass awakenings in turn contribute to further anchoring the ever-increasing energy on Earth.

The rapid intensification of the frequencies of Light is creating alchemical changes within existing biological structures, and is rapidly modifying the material basis on which our Planet, the human body, our consciousness and DNA are founded. This infusion of Light is creating a large-scale purification process that affects and involves everything and everyone .

The Secret Key of Immortality - Ascension

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As we humans absorb more Light we become less dense, and meanwhile in our biology, current carbon-based molecular structures begin to transmute and reorganize into crystalline structures. This allows us to access higher dimensions of Creation, and in particular the fifth dimension (5D), the goal of the evolutionary journey still underway. When light enters our bodies, it spreads at the cellular level catalyzing a process of healing and purification: the tissues are induced to release old energy patterns, outdated beliefs and all existing concepts of the 3D (third dimension), based on fear. . As these old energies are released, there may be aches, pains, feelings or memories that surface in our consciousness.

Mental Symptoms:

-All types of depression;
– Short-term memory loss;
– Intense fear of death;
– Vivid dreams, nightmares;
– Intense fear of separation and loss;
– Obsessive fear of persecution and betrayal;
– Strange sleep cycles (especially insomnia and waking up too early in the morning).

Emotional Symptoms:

– Hormonal changes;
– Emotional hypersensitivity;
– Emotional instability (especially uncontrolled mood swings);
– Sudden, unexplained and exaggerated bouts of anger, pain and anxiety;

Spiritual Symptoms:

– Dissatisfaction with your current life;
– Dreams or visions from past lives that may disturb you or be disturbing;
– Sudden awakenings, often overwhelming or frightening;
– Sudden insights, and intuitions of wisdom and knowledge;
– Sudden inability to continue in life as before;
– Initiations (difficult life experiences) which present themselves as life lessons;
– Sense of urgency in understanding who you really are, and in starting to live this truth;
– Feeling of not belonging to this place on Earth or with the people around you.

Of course, some of the symptoms listed above can be signs of serious illness or ailments, so it is important to always consult your doctor before ruling out the normal etiology.

When we choose to incarnate in the third dimension, physical and dense, we come to Earth several times to experience, learn, and be able to master, through unconditional Love, this difficult three-dimensional dimension. The problem is that every time we get here, we “fall asleep” …
We get stuck in materiality, thinking it is our only reality. We forget that we have incarnated only to return with greater wisdom and experience to the spiritual realms. This is Ascension and our goal .

As you learn to take control of your awareness and attention, you are able to ‘wake up’ to the true nature of your spirit and empower yourself to consciously align with higher consciousness, wisdom and the Divine at all times. More and more people are awakening from illusion and starting to remember the truth of our multidimensional self, managing to connect with the higher consciousness.

In addition to awareness, integration is an essential part of ascension. In order to continue moving further into the higher vibrational frequencies without being drawn back into the lower fear-related energies, it is essential to release and integrate the lower vibrational aspects of the self.

You are the embodied source and source of God. The universe is experiencing reality through your eyes and mine. It is awakening to the fact that we are not separate. You are another me. You are another me … “Lak’ech”

Lak’ech is a Mayan word that literally means “you are another me”. We are one. We are both a source of light that looks at reality through our life experience. Tuning into this level of awareness is awakening.

This does not mean that you are a God. You are a spark of God. You are a divine human and ascension is returning to this new pattern; to your true divine nature.

Ascension allows you to access spiritual energy enhancements to rise above the experience of duality, transcend negativity, and live as an awakened divine being in physical form.

To fully ascend to total enlightenment and awareness of the Divine within you and everyone, it is necessary to eliminate old and obsolete patterns, habits, beliefs and energies to make room for the inner brilliance and illumination of the Divine Light shining through you.

By cutting the strings of the past and releasing the pain, guilt or pain that is weighing you down, you free yourself to awaken and ascend. You are then able to shine as the unique expression of the Divine that you are as you advance on your path of enlightenment.

Ascension stirred up some buzz until 2012. But now that that date has long come and gone, it’s clearer than ever, that instead of something external that magically helps everyone change at once, it’s up to you.

It is up to each individual to make the inner change to awaken and ascend. Thus, collectively we are able to see reality through the lens of love, and through this enlightened perspective, “ mass ascension ” and the realm of love on Earth can be fully felt and experienced.

The famous ” Gospel parable of the prodigal son ” symbolizes precisely this incarnational journey of the Soul.
The Eternal Pilgrim dwells in the bosom of the Father, when he leaves for a journey of “descent” into the lower realms of matter (in the parable they are called “sin” and “dissolution”):
here he knows Evil and separation from Unity original. Thanks to his turnaround, he then begins a gradual process of redemption that will lead him, after great efforts, back on the path home and when he crosses the threshold of his home he will be welcomed by his father in jubilation of joy.Note the difference between the prodigal son and his brother, who never left the Father’s House: he never traveled in matter, he never knew separation, he never wanted to re-embrace Unity. He is in the Father’s House, but he has not realized his Divine nature in a self-conscious way, because self-awareness is the daughter of the experience in the 3 worlds (physical / etheric – emotional – mental).
This is why the Father does not celebrate him. The parable, seen through the eyes of the settled brother, gives us a clear image of what evolution would be like without Free Will, that is, without the faculty to know Evil: it would be a stay in the Father’s House while remaining unaware of our own. divine nature.The prodigal son, on the other hand, thanks to his immersion in matter, has realized in full consciousness his identity, the true nature of the Father. And the merger with it was pursued as a result of an individually expressed will. The return journey of the prodigal son is precisely the Ascension.

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