Galactic Federation: the Milky Way light alliance or deception ?

The Galactic Federation (of the Milky Way, in short FG), Galactic Federation of Light, or again, Galactic Confederation, would have been founded over 4.5 million years ago, to prevent the domination and enslavement of free systems by dark races.
The great council of the FG it’s said to be located on the Vega system, in the constellation of Lyra, on the planet Avyon. Currently, there would be around 200,000 members.

According to the followers of this deception :
approximately 40% of the inhabitants of the galaxy are of humanoid form (humanoid mammals like us, Anunnaki, Pleiadians and the human part of the Syrians and Andromedians) while the rest are of various forms of sentient beings (mammals non-humanoids such as Cetaceans, as well as non-mammals such as Bellatrixians and other beings of pure energy such as Beings of light).

It should be noted that the symbol of the FG (the Ummac Dan ) recalls the star of David (hence Judaism) or the merkaba, the cross (Christianity) and two half-moons facing each other (Islam). Consequently, the three Abrahamic religions are supposed to have originated from extraterrestrial contacts. 
The ” League of the Iron Pact ” between Bellatrixians, Syrians and Pleiadians was the founding nucleus of the FG of the Milky Way. 
The upper hierarchy that dominates in the FG and in the Brotherhood of Light is made up of shape-shifting Aliens, Felinoids, Canids and Humans. 
The contactee who claims to receive messages from the Galactic Federation Syrians is Sheldan Nidle.

The contactee who claims to receive messages from the Pleiadians of the flagship (Nibiru) of the galactic fleet (and in particular from its commander Ashtar Sheran) is Jelaila Starr. 

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Contactist who in 1921 in Germany claimed to receive messages from the Pleiadians of Aldebaran was Maria Orsitsch. The nefarious consequence of this contactee was, apparently (since the messages could also or exclusively come from the negative reptilians), Nazism .

The FG is composed of various councils, including the Council of Nibiru, the Syrian Council, the Lyran Council and the Council of Orion. The administrative and military limits of the Galactic Federation would be called the Frontier .

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It would seem that the Earth entered the FG on March 5, 1993 (Syrian Council sector). For some ufologists the fact that we have been associated with the Syrians and not the Pleiadians is explained by the observation that Sirius is 9 light years away from us while the Pleiades are 440 light years away. It seems that our association with the Syrians is not appreciated by the felinoids (like Devin): according to Devin (and here the thesis of 3D, 4D, 5D takes over) if at the arrival of Nibiru we remain in the 3rd dimension we will be associated with the Syrians, if we succeed to pass in 4th instead no. 
40,000 years ago the end of the Pleio-Syrian war occurred as the Syrian star fleet managed to hit several planets of the Pleiadian systems and the latter declared surrender by accepting the supremacy of Sirius over the Earth’s resources.
In planets like ours, being neutral for now, the negative and positive forces have a bit of the green light: defining the Earth as a real port could be the right term at this time. A tourist, hunting and study destination.

On November 26, 1977, the FG allegedly tried to broadcast a message to the English population by interfering in an English news program of the ITN broadcaster. This message is called ” the Message of Vrillon “.

It may be that the Earth is considered a precious planet, as one of the several in which peaceful coexistence between the main ethnic groups of the Galactic Federation is bred.

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To solve the problem of reptilian colonies in the earth’s subsoil ( see Mount Shasta ) and of reptilian infiltration into the terrestrial elite and of the affiliation of dna-mixed, it can be suggested that all of these detach themselves politically from the Reptilian Empire to affiliate themselves with the Good and Love and give up on humans.

If the Reptilian Empire is made up of birds (eagles), reptiles and ants (all non-mammals) and the Higher Hierarchy is made up of felines (lions), dogs (wolves) and humans, the famous evil-good clash of the Game for the integration of polarities, take the form of a non-mammal VS mammalian clash.

According to this thesis, every race, civilization and planet would have a council within the FG in its own representation. These councils vary in size and this depends on the population they represent as well as the set of responsibilities they manage within the FG structure. 
The FG has a main supervisory council in which there are representatives from each member council. This council meets in the Great Hall, but each council has its own Great Hall.
The Council of Nibiru, which is the largest of these councils, has its own Great Hall, but more often it meets in the Great Hall of the FG, as its duties involve the management of the FG itself. Nibiru today is not a planet with a civilization, it is actually an FG spaceship with representatives of many races whose role is as a traveling galactic management team. Their mission WOULD be to help negotiate alliances, maintain peace between the different worlds of the FG and assist new incoming members. Hence their motto, ” Serving the Worlds ” …

The FG of our Milky Way is located in the Sirius star system. This is why the star Sirius is so important to Earth and plays such a significant role in our history.
It was formed at the end of the first Great Galactic War which was fought in the constellation of Lyra between Humans, Reptilians, Felinoids and Carians. After this war, the survivors decided they had to establish a way to arbitrate disputes so that that kind of destruction (the destruction of the human birthplace of Avyon, First Earth) would never happen again. Thus the FG was created, with founding members from Lyra and Orion. Their first flagship, Pelegai, was one of the few remaining intact after the war. It was a very hard time and the wounds of this war would have taken many dimensions of time to heal.

Initially, the FG was very small as few survived the war. The Lyran and Orion Councils doubled to operate as the administrative arm of their fledgling federation. In other worlds they were the Galactic Federation. Over time new races were created as offshoots from the original four and the FG welcomed them as they attained galactic status, as we are going to do now. 
Then the Galactic Federation grew and became a very large and powerful federation of worlds devoted to universal peace and prosperity.

According to the “conspiracy theory”, as so many love and enjoy calling it, for 13,000 years there has been a shadow government made up of reptilians (and intermittently the Anunnaki) that would direct the powerful and the masses of the world like puppets. Such a shadow government would therefore be dark, evil, perfidious, ultimately demonic. Among other things, it would lead to inequality, excessive power and money to the upper echelons and misery to the people. But this picture is changing for the better: the Galactic Federation (in particular the Syrians, in whose administrative sector Earth would fall as we have seen) would have decided to wipe out this shadow government for some time. Through various high tech techniques (dimensional grids, etc) and a good roundup in the underground bases of the planet and among the dark followers of the reptilians in the high spheres of world governments. Soon, according to Nidle, this operation will be made public and the Nuremberg-style trials will begin.


To be clear, let’s make the understanding of the alleged FG simpler and sketchy: it could resemble the Federation of United Planets from Star Trek and the Galactic Republic of Star Wars (on the other hand, most of the films, books, TV series … have many funds of truth) …

Human form or not, the Soul takes the most disparate forms for its evolution in matter so that Full Awareness is achieved, it is not important who sends the message, but what stimulates. The enormous quantity and quality of communications lead to an ever greater understanding of the history of the Earth, how we got to this point in Time , and the reasons that led us here. We are all invited to connect to our True Spiritual Self, to no longer follow the religious and scientific dogmatic truths, but those that have always been embedded in every living being. We all have to learn and that’s why we are here.
We are in the vicinity of enormous physical and consciousness changes. This information certainly helps and stimulates change, but the work we have to do alone, learning to love entirely above all ourselves, and all the others unconditionally, respecting the differences of any nature, reaching a state of no judgment , considering that in all there is a part of Light and a part of Shadow, which must be accepted and balanced. 

We must no longer think in a selfish way, to accumulate money and material goods, to Love only if we are reciprocated, which come from the mind and the Ego, but to go towards “feeling” that they no longer have “conditions” of any nature, whose source are the Soul and the Heart. The next goal is Unconditional Love.

We conclude by saying ours: 
the FG in recent times is depopulating among the new age followers, but also among those who do not follow the new age, and this should open our eyes to many things … one of all … WHY? We will see it soon BECAUSE… you do not blindly believe in everything you will see happening, which might seem like the FG in person coming down and showing itself to everyone on Earth. There are plans bigger than us in place. Trust only in yourself and, for those who are Christians, in God, in Jesus.



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