Who is Kryon and what are his messages?

The American esoteric writer Lee Carroll claims to receive messages, through the technique of channeling (which we will discuss later in a future article), from an alleged “angelic entity” that he calls Kryon . 
Carroll began publishing the Kryon messages in 1989, abruptly abandoning his previous business as a sound engineer. According to him, Kryon would be a loving being similar to the Archangel Gabriel, coming from the “Source” (or “Central Sun”), whose task would be to assist the evolution of the Earth and humanity, among other things by periodically recalibrating the earth’s geomagnetic field .

With the help of his partner Jane Tober, Carroll has published numerous books and regularly lectures in various countries on these topics. His books have been translated into over twenty languages ​​all over the world with considerable success.

Kryon is the closest Angelic Entity to God that one can contact, which is performing an energetic transformation work on the Planet to bring it to a higher vibrational and evolutionary level. 
Its name has the number 11 as its numerical value 
the vibration of the number 11 allows the passage of spiritual energy from the subtle level to the material level.

This work, known as the ” activation of the Earth’s magnetic grid “, is repeated every 2000 years, coinciding with the change of time eras.

The name of Kryon is actually a spiritual acronym created specifically to use the vibration of the number 11 suitable for this purpose. 
In fact, her full name is Kyrie Eleison , which means ” Lord give me the strength to be able to feel compassion for myself and for others “.

The same number 11 in the “I Ching” represents the hexagram of Peace, a basic condition for living Compassion. 
The word Peace has appeared on all rainbow flags around the world, the very colors with which Kryon most frequently manifests.

Kryon is here to help humanity in this delicate passage, as its energy is Unifying Love and, in addition to its specific work, it allows the connection with all the Masters of all traditions and the connection with the Guides of Light that they support. the process of purification and elevation of human beings.

It opens the heart to the perception of the universality of life and is a great support to proceed, with ever greater awareness, towards spiritual realization. 
Kryon, through its messages gives us many keys to understanding things because, through understanding, the appropriate answers to needs are found.

By concretely applying what Kryon teaches, our evolution increases in speed and intensity, allowing us a real and definitive leap into the new energy.

Moreover, through his Words of Light, he answers without hesitation to every question that is asked, often leaving people amazed by the quality and accuracy of the answers.

His answers are devoid of any form of judgment. 
Through these understandings we learn how to interact energetically, correctly with all that exists, achieving a stable balance and harmony with ourselves and with others.

In addition to Lee Caroll, and David Brown in South Africa, there is another person in the world who, like Lee and David, is in charge of communicating the messages of Kryon to humanity. 
This person is Angelo Picco Barilari, who resides right here in Italy, and this is a rare and extraordinary opportunity for us Italians.

More recently, Monika Muranyi from Australia has joined her channelers.

The Kryon family includes other Angels and Archangels, such as Metatron, Tobias and Michael, who are also channeled by famous channels. 
Kryon claims to inhabit a reality beyond space-time, that of the “now”, which he defines as “the third time dimension”.

The messages of Kryon are at times simple and poetic, more 
often very intellectual and provide very detailed information relating to the energies of our planet, numerology, DNA, the changes of consciousness expected in this period on Earth. Reading the texts of 
his channels can sometimes be quite complex.

Kryon declares to be part of the Magnetic Service, with the aim of serving, within a specific capacity, the 
“schools” of the whole universe in which entities similar in 
evolution to us humans are located , which we would have “chosen” to raise the 
frequency of our planet to a new vibration, resonating with the energies of unity and peace. Starting from the concept that all is One and that each of us is a divine fragment of the great “I AM”, Kryon argues that man 
has chosen to be here in this precise period of transition, to contribute to the awakening of planetary consciousness and the recognition of Love as the unique and immutable cosmic matrix of creation.

Kryon therefore accompanies us to face 
this quantum leap with awareness , carrying out an energetic transformation work of 
the Planet to bring it to a vibratory and evolutionary level higher 
than that experienced to date. He defines this task as “activation of the Earth’s magnetic grid”, which would repeat itself every 2000 years 
in conjunction with the change of time Ages. 
This energetic change is necessary because the 
Earth we inhabit is also a sentient unit in evolution: for this reason it needs to increase its vibrational level by supporting man in the passage to the new consciousness.

Kryon teaches that the Sun is our center and continuously radiates information to the planets, affecting the magnetic grid that permeates our existence, including the DNA instruction sets. 
Kryon also invites us to consider the sensation of the acceleration of time that each of us is experiencing in our life in this period of transition and which for him would be directly connected to this shift in energy …

Kryon-inspired words have changed many lives and brought love and light to some of the darkest places in our inner being. 
For anyone ready for the next evolutionary step, this information from Kryon is invaluable and brings personal and planetary healing.

“What you do here will affect all other planets, plus planets yet to be created. They may not have your divine complement, but what you do will change their awareness. You are, therefore, the catalyst for something so great that you cannot conceive it. It is a test that has been in planning for eons and will eventually change the potentials of other planets having life. But you are the only ones charged with doing it… partly angelic… partly human, you exist for that.

Other planets are free to change their reality as a result of what they decide. But only you are free to become a Master while on earth, changing your current level of vibration and, through this, changing the fabric of time for all others. 

-Kryon, channeled through Lee Carroll


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