The occult mysteries behind Hitler and Nazism

In July 1919 the young Hitler came into contact with the German Workers’ Party, a small far-right nationalist group led by Anton Drexler, which drew its origins from esoteric circles and sects such as Thule and from the influence of enigmatic characters such as Dietrich Eckart, Karl Haushofer, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky or Jorg Lanz Von Liebenfels, all factors that contributed to creating a macabre aura of mystery and occult about the alleged dark sides of national socialism and about its link with the world of the paranormal …

After having written in the party weekly, the Völkischer Beobachter of Munich, and after having exhibited, on February 24, 1920, in a Munich brewery (the “Hofbräuhaus”), in twenty-five points, his program based on racial theories, on the 10th July 1921, Adolf Hitler was appointed head of the movement which had been renamed the “National Socialist Party of German Workers”. The emblem of the formation became the swastika , an ancient image of the Indo-European tradition symbolizing luck, known in the Nordic religion to be linked to the Sun and representing Thor, the God of Lightning; in Blavatsky’s occult theories, the swastika was the most important esoteric symbol, which she referred to as the emblem of the Aryan race.

Also symbol of the secret society Thule Gesellschaft , from which a large group of Nazi hierarchs came, had the hooks facing left.

As a result of World War II and the Holocaust, many people in the West still strongly associate it with Nazism and anti-Semitism. The swastika continues to be used as a symbol of good luck and prosperity in Hindu and Buddhist countries such as Nepal, India, Mongolia, China and Japan. It is also commonly used in Hindu marriage ceremonies.

The Thule-Gesellschaft, the mystical society that advocated anti-Semitism, purity of blood and race, the return to an ideal Germanic golden age that drew inspiration from the ideas of Guido von List, Jörg Lanz von Liebenfels and the various proponents of Theosophy.

Giorgio Galli, who was a long-time professor of History of Political Doctrines at the University of Milan, as well as one of the most successful Italian political scientists, studied the magical-esoteric component and the mystical-philosophical component that constitute the roots of the Hitler movement . In his first book, he focuses on the very close contacts and links that existed, already at the end of the 19th century, between German esoteric circles and British analogues. The Thule-Gesellschaft was in constant contact with the British Golden Dawn (more properly: Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, in Italian: “Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn”), which shared with the Thule Society the program of the Theosophical Society, a movement of thought led by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, which aimed to reveal the eastern roots of thought and extend and participate in the western world. Precisely through the exchange of information and speakers between these circles, some fixed points of the Nazi regime are explained, such as the alliance to be sought at all costs with Great Britain: Hitler will even go so far as to propose to the British the division of the world into spheres of influence: to the Germans Europe up to the Urals, to the Italians the Mediterranean basin, to the Japanese Oceania and Asia in relation to China and Siberia, and to the British everything else.

Much of the scientific pseudo-theories of Nazism were imported into the party by the highest-ranking hierarchs. These theories mostly came from the “Thule-Gesellschaft”, as well as from the research and activities of the ” Ahnenerbe ” (literally “ancestral heritage”), an 
association founded by Heinrich Himmler, Herman Wirth (President) and Walter Darré on 1 July 1935.

Hitler himself was inextricably linked to numerous aspects of the occult sciences: although various initiatory and mystery societies had been banned, once he took power, he always ended up tolerating the excesses of his subjects, Goering and Himmler in particular, and the whole court of seers, astrologers, soothsayers and magicians who surrounded the general staff of the party; probably Himmler’s unconditional loyalty and the ruthless efficiency of his SS were of high value and, therefore, he considered them far more important than any rational approach to power management.

Therefore the Austrian occultist Karl Maria Wiligut, known as “Weisthor” or “the German Rasputin”, thanks to the unconditional support offered him by Himmler himself, had a powerful influence on the genesis of Nazi mysticism, in its neo-pagan connotation. It was thanks to his prophecy that Himmler established the initiatory center of the SS at the castle of Wewelsburg, in Westphalia, where the followers chosen for their career in the SS performed rituals halfway between those of the Knights of the Round Table, the Teutonic Knights and the Templars.

Karl Maria Willigst, “Weisthor”

Since the early years of his entry into politics, Hitler surrounds himself with magicians, astrologers, seers, occultists, whom he will not hesitate to eliminate from the public scene once he has risen to power. After 1933, in fact, any divination and astrological activity is no longer tolerated, as it is the exclusive prerogative of the SS … Already in 1924 a list was published (” Verschwörer. Zur Geschichte und Soziologie der deutschen nationalistischen Geheimbünde 1918 – 1924 ” by Emil Julius Gumbel) of more or less secret societies of an esoteric character and among them we also find the Nazi Party mentioned.

Hitler, proven by historical sources, was very inclined to read prophecies and to frequent seers.

Hitler was convinced that he was acting for the good of Germany and was sure that he was guided “… by a superior being in the pursuit of the goal and by invisible beings who ensure the” FuhrerKontact “” (the hypnotic charisma that was attributed to him over the masses).

One morning, in the autumn of ’33, the cries of a terrified Hitler awakened some servants at dawn, who found the dictator in a confused state repeating: “There! In the corner! Can’t you see that there are four angels standing, waiting to take me away… ?! ”. The only one who spoke of this delusion of Hitler was Albert Speer.

Between 1937 and 1938 the dismissal for “pacifism” of the first Ahnenerbe commander, Herman Wirth, replaced by the aggressive Walther Wüst. In practice, from the search for peaceful matriarchal societies linked to the ancient monotheistic solar cult, to the aggressive spread of the racial belief.

Hitler had given orders to purge the Gospel and the Bible of the slightest trace of “Judaism”. He had also given a mandate to find – in the sacred texts – every slightest trace that would lead Christ back to his Aryan origins.

Otto Rahn, a scholar of the history of medieval heresies – in particular of the Cathar movement – was forcibly enlisted in the SS by direct order of Himmler, who also subsidized him for archaeological research in France, near the town of Montségur, where he believed the Holy Grail.

The mystery of the Holy Grail, the sacred chalice that the Nazi esoteric scholars of the time changed into “Sang Raal” (royal blood), that is, the blood of Christ crucified collected in the cup and brought to France and then to Brittany by Joseph of Arimathea. fascinated and haunted him throughout his life.

It was said that no one could seek the Holy Grail if he were not a pure and chaste knight, like Gilead son of Lancelot. But even these, considered the most generous and valiant knight of King Arthur’s court, due to the adultery relations he had with Geneva, wife of the King, was no longer worthy to seek the Holy Grail. The search was therefore forbidden to sinners and Hitler, considering himself worthy for his vegetarian life, as a celibate, set out to search for it believing he, a medium and occultist with mysterious energies, to be able to succeed. So I sent the order to all his collaborators to proceed with the search. He too, however, seems to have failed and so the legend of the Holy Grail remains shrouded in mystery to this day.

24 Dec 2014, Missouri, USA – A mosaic of the Last Supper, also considered to be the first Eucharist, adorns the chapel at the Benedictine Sisters of Perpetual Adoration monastery in Clyde Missouri December 18, 2014. The Sisters have made communion wafers since 1910 and began making a low-gluten version in 2003 and have gone from 143 customers in 2004 to more than 11,000 customers from around the world. Photo taken December 18, 2014. REUTERS / Dave Kaup (UNITED STATES – Tags: RELIGION SOCIETY) – Image by © DAVE KAUP / Reuters / Corbis

There was a strong belief that the Cathar people were linked to the Aryan race.

Hitler, as soon as he triumphantly entered Vienna, in 1938 took possession of the Sacred Lance (Heilige Lanze) which tradition claims belonged to the centurion Longinus, with which Jesus’ side would have been pierced.

After his election as Pontiff in 1939 and the outbreak of war, Pope Pius XII understood that Adolf Hitler was not just an exalted man who wanted to conquer the world, but a real demon. So it was that he tried, on more than one occasion, to carry out a difficult remote exorcism which, like most of the things done in “absentia”, would not work. Father Gabriele Amorth himself, the most famous of the exorcists active in Rome, admits that an exorcism conducted “by correspondence” is almost always not effective. However, Amorth shares Pius XII’s belief regarding the Führer’s devotion to Satan:

“I have no doubt that Hitler was a Satanist. His perfidy is humanly incomprehensible: a similar evil cannot be explained without a superior force and outside of human nature ».

On the other hand, the hypothesis according to which Hitler had the Devil, or at least some magical force on his side, in addition to being suggestive, appears “narratively” coherent: expelled from high school, painter without success, “taciturn soldier who he spoke to himself, without the required leadership skills “, sentenced to 5 years in prison in ’24 after the failure of the Munich Putsch and released as” not very dangerous “after only a few months, the Adolf of the time had not nothing of the future Führer. Then the sudden turning point, even if “practically” it can be explained by the historical conjunctions. Among other things, it is said that at the front, where he distinguished himself in various military operations, the life of the young Hitler was saved several times by the voices in his head, which prompted him to walk away just before a fatal grenade landed. Not to mention the numerous attacks which, as a Führer, he remained unharmed, the most famous of which by Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg, as part of the “Valkyrie Plan”.

Whether or not he was possessed by “something”, the Nazi leader certainly held in high regard the occult and all the possible magical or divine weapons with which he could win the war.

Hitler also committed suicide on the Night of Saint Walpurgis (Walpurgisnacht), the night in which the Sabbath was celebrated by the witches, but also in which – according to some historical calculations – one of the days proposed for the resurrection of Christ fell.

As in life, legends and mysteries surround the figure of the German dictator in death. Some of these too are listed below:

The start date of the Second World War coincides with Hitler’s fiftieth birthday and with the beginning of the autumn season, Hitler’s favorite, the one that has as its epicenter the commemoration of the dead at the beginning of November, when, according to the pagan religion pre-Christian, the dead return to visit the living and to reward or punish them in relation to the behavior of the living themselves. 
Especially his suicide, which occurred not by chance during the Walpurgis night, or during the hours in which the spirits and forces of evil would be released.
The fact that Hitler’s corpse no longer remains, not even the dental prostheses with which the Soviets in 1945 were able to identify the corpse (given posthumously released only in 1968, as his ashes were dispersed in the Elbe River by the Army in 1970 Rossa) is considered strange due to the pressure applied by Stalin himself to be able to get his hands on the corpse of his archenemy … 
The latest monologue attributed to Hitler and reported by the Soviet bunker guard post according to which “… God will not allow that the whole world is owned by one man. Before me he stopped Cyrus the Great, Alexander the Great, Hannibal, Julius Caesar and Napoleon Bonaparte immediately after reaching the apogee! “.

Worthy of note were also the expeditions aimed at identifying the hollow Earth : the Nazi mysticism, in fact, supported the existence of the Hyperboreans, also called Arians, that is an ancient people with almost divine and therefore superior knowledge. The Nazi emissaries explored the planet far and wide, from Antarctica to Tibet, not only to learn the secrets of this civilization, but also and above all, you have already imagined, because this people was considered the progenitor of the German one.

The Hyperboreans are at the center of a true Nazi theology, mostly outlined by Miguel Serrano, Chilean philosopher, writer and diplomat who supported the Führer. Serrano merged the Cathar doctrine with the German anti-Semitic drives, giving rise to a disturbing religious anti-Semitism.

“Jehovah”, the God of the Old Testament, was identified as an evil demiurge, a mere intermediary with the true God, that of the Hyperboreans precisely. The Jews, therefore, became the children of evil, the chosen people of the God of Evil to hinder the children of light, that is the Aryans and consequently the Nordics like the Germans.

To consolidate this vision was also used the physical aspect of the two peoples in struggle: tall and blond the children of light, low and dark the offspring of darkness. Of singular ideas, Serrano has advanced several, one above all the return of the Führer alongside the Hyperboreans, at the head of an army of UFOs, with whom he will fight the last great battle against darkness, to give rise to the Fourth Reich . All this by agreement with the aforementioned Hyperboreans, following a meeting in “Shambhala”, an underground city located in Antarctica.


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