Vampires: blood, energy, life force… the reality behind the legends

Cold, pale, lovers of night and darkness, they sleep in coffins, turn into bats and prefer virgins … surely this is the most common description that comes to anyone’s mind when it comes to Vampires …

Well … vampires do exist, and some are among us too. 

In fact, vampires can also be ordinary people, friends, brothers, relatives:

in our country, for example, there is a real association representing those who feel like the classic “ bloodsucking vampires ”, or the Italian Real Vampires League, based in Meldola, in Romagna. In reality they could be even more than the number indicated because most prefer to remain in the shadows and hide this “passion”.
These are not simply people who have a passion for the dark and gothic, but people who claim to have a body temperature below average and to feed on blood. This is by no means a novelty, but a practice that also exists abroad. In particular in New Orleans, where a real community of vampires was founded. Such people claim to feel much stronger by drinking human blood, feeding on this lifeblood. The practice is not illegal and is carried out thanks to the help of the so-called “donors” who offer their blood for free.

Also in the United States, Julia Caples became famous, a woman who feeds on blood by sucking it directly from the body of donors, just like in films and books. It all started when she kissed a boy for the first time, biting his tongue: “ It was a natural instinct and I liked the taste. Of course, he has never kissed me again ”.

Today, to quench his thirst, he needs two liters of blood a month. According to the latest data in Italy there are about fifty vampires who follow this practice, against the 2,000 members of the association …

But vampires are not only those who feed on blood, there are many and varied vampires : energy vampires, or emotional vampires, for example.

In fact, energy thieves do not suck strange psychic energies from us, but our attention, our well-being, our happiness, our good mood and our will to live.

If you often find yourself feeling out of energy and feeling that your well-being is slipping away from you, you are probably the victim of an energy vampire.

Let’s begin to understand what are the symptoms that can occur when you are a victim of emotional / energetic / psychic vampires.

You can tell if you are an unwitting victim of an energy vampire if you experience symptoms similar to these:

-you feel exhausted, drained and stressed when talking to a particular person; 
– you feel you have little energy, little desire to do and plan; 
– you don’t want to do anything; 
– you feel a certain muscle tension interacting with some specific individuals; 
– you feel strong negative psychological pressure; 
– you often find yourself confused; 
-make decisions to change your life but then you never start; 
– you have the clear feeling that you have lost your energy because of someone or something; 
– you do not feel free to act, but on the contrary a slave to people or situations; 
These are the most common red flags that occur when we are victims of vampires.

1. Vampire people

Vampire people make us feel inadequate, frustrated, exhausted and unresponsive as well as taint our mood.

These people exert psychological pressure on us by upsetting us, causing stress and perhaps making us feel uncomfortable.

Vampire people are mainly divided into two categories.

A. Aware energy vampires

Conscious vampires are people who take pleasure in throwing mud on other people.

The mere fact of insulting, denigrating, making them uncomfortable but above all criticizing others, makes them feel better, which is why they are particularly committed to their mission.

These conscious energy thieves are aware that they are complaining and criticizing as if there is no tomorrow, but for various reasons they cannot stop.

These people criticize and complain about everything, not just facts they have no control over, such as politics and weather forecasts, but also facts they could act on to change them.

They complain that they are cold without covering themselves, that they don’t like work without changing it or looking for real alternatives.

B. Unknowing energy vampires

The unconscious energy vampires, on the other hand, are so to speak “in good faith” …

These people plunder our energy without realizing it or thinking they are doing good.

All persons who:

They always take without ever giving anything in return; 
They feel compelled to tell us any unsolicited detail that concerns them, exhausting us and stressing us; 
They talk about dozens of projects without completing one; 
They expect too much attention from us; 
They continually put pressure on expectations of us; 
They think the world revolves around them and that we should act accordingly; 
They are weak and continually need a shoulder to cry on; 
They always seem innocent victims of misfortunes of all kinds and entities; 
They have a categorically pessimistic and apocalyptic view of their life.

They, albeit in good faith, suck our well-being away.

Now let’s move on to the second category of energy vampires:

2. The technological vampires

The media are in fact among the most powerful vampires there are, thanks largely to the marketing that revolves around them.

Obviously it happens to be listless and to turn on the TV to see what they are broadcasting, ending up seeing programs such as junk shows or similar …

The problem with these shows, shows and TV series is that they are designed to be addictive.

Each episode is designed to keep the viewer glued to the screen and to make him addicted, especially thanks to the twists that inevitably occur in the series or episode finale.

So if at first watching TV sporadically was a useful entertainment, it soon turned into a real vampire.

We get stuck in TV shows that maybe we are not very fond of but that we watch more for marketing or out of habit.

TV then goes from a useful time for one’s entertainment to a full-fledged energy thief.

Of course, other digital tools such as social networks and smartphones must also be used with common sense.

Unfortunately, an element that occupies space in the life of all of us should also be included among the emotional vampires: music.

In fact, we often use music to comfort and entertain us, ending up in a negative energy-sucking spiral fueled by the music itself.

If you have ever felt very sad about some negative event and started listening to music (often sad, aligned with the mood of the moment), you know what I’m talking about.

We end up in a bottomless pit where the music itself becomes a vampire of our mood.

So we need to use music wisely and not use it to fuel our negative thoughts.

ATTENTION to the circle of friends !

Very important, fundamental is the attention on friendships and on the positive repercussions that an adequate selection at the entrance can have .

Selecting your own circles of friends is the best way to eliminate vampire people lurking around us.

The types of people we saw in the paragraph dedicated to unconscious emotional vampires should be avoided whenever possible.

If you really don’t have, at the moment, the ability to completely detach yourself from such people, at least try to limit your time with them.

But be careful: if you are unable to defend yourself from these people in addition to the recurring discomfort that will not allow you to live peacefully, you could become vampires yourself! 
That is, whoever frequents these discouragers without knowing how to defend them will soon tend to imitate them, at first without even realizing it …

Vampires attack people who are weak, vulnerable at that time in their life. They would not be able to attack strong individuals because the energy of the latter is too vital and high to be able to attack it. From this we understand that the only way to defend oneself is to become strong, raise one’s vibrations, one’s thoughts and break these subtle relational dynamics. 
If, therefore, you find yourself attracting discouragers, you must deduce that you are weakening yourself: then take care to reinvigorate your aspirations, your desires, and to be more sincere (few things are more debilitating than lying), and vampires will immediately find you unpleasant. , and they will turn elsewhere.
It’s incredible but the only thing you can do to chase away these vampires is to live authentically, chase your dreams and not abandon them because our vampire has convinced us that it’s not worth it, always be yourself and not play the part. which pleases our vampire more, to find the courage to change even when the vampire forces us in every way to stay still. 
By breaking the chain of this devious and dangerous imprisonment we will finally be free and we will be able to use all our vital energy by investing it in our projects, in our hobbies, in what makes us feel good. Finally our energy will belong only to ourselves.


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