Music, sounds, vibrations: the frequencies of life

Music has always made us vibrate the strings of the soul, unleashing indescribable emotions …

Music can motivate, create enthusiasm, induce calm, bring joy and serenity, other times some sounds can instead induce negative emotions such as anxiety or anguish.

Music is closely linked to the origins of man. It is not just an artistic activity, it is above all an exceptional form of communication with a biological meaning. For example, in puppies (both humans and animals), listening to the mother’s voice activates vegetative responses: it is immediately evident to the eye that the hairs stand up and warm up. For peoples music was associated with religiosity, prayers were celebrated by singing and dancing to the rhythm of music, to the sound of drums. Some teachers through the piano managed to induce profound changes in consciousness in the audience, attributing magical power to music.

The art of sound does not relax everyone equally, but still affects everyone.

Music is able to activate the brain and to modulate the levels of excitement, concentration and relaxation, acting on the electrical activity of the brain.

Normally our brain emits brain waves, or electromagnetic waves that represent activity, as a function of the so-called states of consciousness …

The sound wave, also having a frequency and an intensity, characterized by a shape that corresponds to the timbre that differentiates the different types of sound, propagates in the air or in another elastic medium and reaches the auditory apparatus of the ear which, through a complex internal mechanism, creates an “auditory” sensation related to the nature of the vibration. In particular, the tympanic membrane undergoes pressure variations enters vibration. A particular phenomenon therefore occurs: the sound waves synchronize with those of our brain, causing different states of consciousness.

It is as if the cells of our brain, which normally produce these electromagnetic waves, resonated with the frequencies of the music listened to, producing waves of a similar type in relation to the type of music and inducing states such as relaxation, alertness, creativity.

Meditative music used in disciplines such as Theta Healing induce relaxation and creativity, intuition and nowadays find various applications.

The famous Mozart effect shows that music is closely related to learning and creativity!

In a study conducted in 1993 two physicists showed how young people had achieved better results in the reasoning tests by listening to a particular Mozart sonata. The famous K448 sonata for piano is able to temporarily increase the intellectual quotient of listeners by 8-9 points.

Among the substances mainly produced there is dopamine, a substance that is released in conditions of pleasure, when we solve a problem, when we eat fatty foods, etc.

The simple act of singing a note causes a sense of exaltation due to the combination of endorphins and hormones released in the body while singing. Oxytocin, a hormone that is released while singing, is known to relieve anxiety and stress. It is also associated with the sense of trust and bond thus explaining the euphoric connectivity experienced while singing in a group.

Laura Osnes performs during Christmas with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Orchestra on Temple Square, and Bells on Temple Square at the Conference Center in Salt Lake City, Thursday, Dec. 17, 2015.

The legend of the destruction of the walls of Jericho says that the soldiers marching on the bridges must “break the pace” because otherwise the relative frequency could generate the phenomenon of resonance causing collapses or sagging.

Science confirms us about the effects of music. In many hospitals around the world music therapy is practiced, music is used in various areas for all ages as children and the elderly.

This technique is used:

towards dyslexic children;
pain management in cancer and terminally ill patients;
to ward off depression and panic attacks;
to calm patients;
to relieve muscle tension;
in cases of epilepsy;
And in many other cases …

Published in The Lancet Journal , Dr. Catherine Meads and her team of researchers from Brunel University have confirmed that listening to music before, during and after surgery, helps in the nervousness and recovery of the patient. After comparing approximately 7,000 patient reports, the team found that those who had music in the operating room demonstrated a significant reduction in postoperative pain, anxiety and the need for pain relievers. With a significant reduction in stress levels also for the surgeon of course.

Music can bring lasting benefits for our mood and therefore on our body, even after some time we stopped listening to it.

Physics shows us that all that exists is that, in reality, a series of different vibratory energy levels. Past traditions and contemporary research agree in the importance attributed to vibration as a fundamental aspect of reality. And what is music if not a particularly harmonious way of manifesting sounds, then ultimately of manipulating vibrations, therefore reality itself?

Anyone who has ever had the opportunity to listen to the song of dolphins or whales, and to watch their dances, knows in fact how music and dance are not only two ways for humans to get in tune with everything. Finding your own sound, your rhythm, your harmony is a technique present in many growth systems. In the East the use of mantras is widespread, once again sounds emitted with the voice are used both for meditation and on a therapeutic level. And the voice used as therapy was common to many cultures of the past, from the Egyptians to the Essenes, from Tibetans to Native Americans to Australian Aborigines.

What exists and evolves vibrates and therefore, from a certain point of view, emits sounds. There is talk of a background noise of the universe, a remnant of the sound of the original explosion, of the Big Bang that triggered the current space-time continuum. Pythagoras spoke of music of the spheres and today it is possible to find CDs in which the sound of the planets is contained and reproduced, recorded and elaborated by the space probes. Vibration, sound, music: expressions of an energy that has chosen to manifest itself as matter to trigger an evolutionary process.

OHM is the Primordial Vibration of the Universe itself and of all Creation.

Sound is a vibrational energy that has a sinusoidal wave shape, its waves are measured in units called hertz (Hz) and take into account the number of cycles per second created by the energy in question. Simply put, everything that vibrates has its own “frequency” (eg 100 hz are 100 waves per second).

Humans have an optimal frequency, like everything else in the universe, which occurs when each of the cells in our body vibrates at the frequency for which it was designed. Bruce Tainio, famous researcher and developer of Tainio technology, has discovered that a healthy body resonates at a frequency of 62-70 MHz and when the frequency drops to 58 MHz, that is when the disease begins. Bacteria, viruses and diseases each have their own low frequency which affects your energy field.
As the frequency decreases due to environmental and physiological factors, the immune system is compromised and opportunistic bacteria and viruses are able to wreak havoc on your body, making you more susceptible to disease. The trapped emotions stored in our organs, muscles and tissues as pockets of electromagnetic energy also have a negative influence on our well-being. Disharmony and imbalance in the body’s energy field occur long before it becomes a physical problem.

There are therefore sounds that can help us correct certain problems by issuing healthy frequencies for our body and mind:
• 174 Hz lightens a person from tension and pain.
• 285 Hz provide security and make us feel energetic.
• 396 Hz gives courage and raises guilt.
• 417 Hz give us positivity and heal our past traumas.
• 432 Hz is a natural frequency linked to cosmic healing.
• 528 Hz is for clarity, peace and DNA healing.
• 639 Hz takes care of interpersonal relationships.
• 741 Hz improves mental ability to solve problems and gives us emotional stability.
• 852 Hz bring harmony between us and the universe.
• 963 Hz clears thoughts and illuminates the mind.

However, these miraculous frequencies will not take effect immediately. In order to see concrete results you will have to listen to the desired frequency every day for a few months and then continue to do so in order not to lose the results obtained. It only takes a few minutes a day and specific frequencies can be easily found on YouTube.

The hearing capacity of the human ear varies approximately from 16 to 20,000Hz (this range varies significantly depending on several factors including mainly age), vibrations with frequencies below the audible threshold are called Infrasound, while those above Ultrasound (these types of vibrations can be heard by other animal species such as dogs).

The fact that our auditory range covers only a certain range of frequencies does not mean that the outside frequencies (infrasound and ultrasound) do not affect our being, far from it …

Any vibration affects our body, our mind and our health.

From the latest studies on quantum physics it has emerged that all the organs of the human body and every single cell emit a particular frequency and at the same time are able to pick up the frequencies coming from outside as antennas.

These frequencies, entering into resonance, lead the cells to emit biophotons which are the communication language that initiates a series of processes: from self-healing to the expulsion of harmful substances from the intracellular liquid.

We can therefore say that every moment our body and every single cell emit a particular and melodic symphony, but when a single cell is in disharmony this melody becomes a cacophony that brings imbalance to all metabolic and catabolic processes, to the body, to the mind and to the spirit.


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