Worship of Saturn: the religion that everyone unknowingly venerates

Together with the cult of the Sun and the Moon, that of Saturn is the most ancient of the cults, so rooted in human traditions that according to many sources in reality it would never have disappeared and its rituals would continue to be perpetrated even in our days, in more or less explicit …

Saturn, also called Seth in the ancient Egyptian religion, El in the Semitic one and Lord of the Rings in the Celtic myths, seems to be the reason why even today to seal a wedding you use to exchange wedding rings, or to represent a ring (or a disk , if we refer to the Sun) behind the images of saints and pious people (haloes) or behind the ancient Celtic crosses. It is also from the cult of Saturn that centuries-old social customs such as that of ‘celebrating’ on Saturday evening, that is, the sixth day of the week (dedicated to Saturn), descend and then rest on the seventh.

In ancient Sumeria, Saturn was called kayamanu, which means: the slow. In Akkadian, however, it was called Ninurta. However, it seems that Ninurta was more often assimilated to the principles and qualities of Nabu (Mercury), which the Mesopotamians nicknamed shihtu, that is “he who gets up”.

In Hellenic civilization it was depicted in the form of a satyr (half human and other goat creature); hence the subsequent approach of the lord of darkness, Satan, to the cult and image of the god Pan.

The Romans celebrated Cronus / Saturn during the feast of the Saturnalia, the divinity was celebrated together with the birth of the new Sun, during the Winter Solstice, i.e. in the period when Christians now celebrate the birth of Jesus, unaware of how this is a occult commemoration to the ancient dark god …

In the past in Rome there were various temples dedicated to Saturn, one of which is still present in the Roman Forum.

The enlightened and freemason Manly P. Hall in ” Secret Teachings of All Times ” states as the goat god Pan:

“It is a symbol of Saturn because this planet is the ruler of the sign of Capricorn, which emblem is a goat.”

The medieval and modern iconography of Satan is explained precisely by this correlation, but it is peculiar that in Palestine the dark figure of Saturn was not linked to Satan. The Jews with the term satàn referred to a political opponent, an adversary, without any reference to the God worshiped in the shabbat, the one who in the Bible requires human sacrifices just like his “counterpart” in other societies and cults, and that the Bible itself imputes the dark Baal-Moloch deity.
Christians have accused the pagans of being worshipers of evil and of carrying out animal and human sacrifices in rituals dedicated to Baal, Saturn, Moloch, etc., unaware that in the same Bible, which in the past could not be read by the people, there are many passages where it is evident that the biblical god himself claims blood sacrifices, as in Exodus 20, 24:

« Make me an altar of earth; and on this you offer your burnt offerings, your thanksgiving sacrifices, your sheep and your oxen; in any place where I will remember my name, I will come to you and bless you ».

The demands of the bloodthirsty god of Christians, Jews and Muslims continue, with an eye to the virgins, in Numbers 31, 17-18:

« Now therefore kill every male among the children, and kill every woman who has had carnal relations with a man; but all the girls who have not had carnal relations with men, keep them alive for you ».

In Greek mythology, Cronus / Saturn ate his children as soon as they were born because he knew that his destiny was to be ousted by one of them. This interest in their own and others’ children, and their sacrifice, will be taken up again in other cults with the figure of Saturn. The desire to obtain the sacrifice of children from human beings is present in the same Bible, where the biblical god asks for the sacrifice of his firstborn son, or does it himself if we want to believe what is written in the verses of chapter 13 of Exodus, in which he exterminates all the firstborn only to punish Pharaoh.

In ancient Egypt the duality Horus (seen as the rising sun) – Seth (the setting sun) was among the most widespread. The indications make us reasonably believe that Moses was a priest of Seth, dissident to the authority represented by the other priests: that in ancient times the lineage of Moses adored Seth can still be deduced from the black cassock that has remained intact to this day among the priests of monotheism . In fact, while solar fraternities like the Essenes and Nazarenes wore white, the priests of Set / Seth / Saturn / Sata wore black tunics:

hence the black suit of today’s Catholic, Jewish and Muslim clerics.

Saturn was celebrated on the day the new year’s sun was born, that is at Christmas: in this great festival called Saturnalia prosperous and abundant periods were propitiated in which it was not necessary to work the land. So during the anniversary, a slave was dressed as a king for a day (a situation similar to that narrated in the Christmas film par excellence: An Armchair for Two), and he was given fruits and food.

For completeness of information it must be said that the Roman Catholic Church – as well as the Jewish and Muslim Church – seems to retain in its tradition not only fragments of the cult of Saturn, but also that of the Sun, the Moon and other pre-Christian divinities.

Some sources claim that in ancient Semitic and Muslim civilizations Saturn corresponded to the divinity El and was depicted in the form of a giant black cube. In the mystery traditions of every age, the cube is the symbol of matter, opposite to the sphere, which represents the spirit.
It is possible to find representations of the black cube almost everywhere in the world. In Jewish and Muslim iconography there is a huge black cube called Kabba in Mecca. The term Kabbalah referring to Jewish and Masonic esotericism and mysticism would derive from the expression KabbaAllah or ‘Cube God.’

The meditation room set up inside the United Nations (UN) headquarters was also equipped with a cubic sculpture. It is also not surprising that in front of the Apple Store in New York there is a huge black cube statue …

By subtracting the three-dimensionality from the representation of a cube, in fact, a 6-sided geometric shape is obtained, ie a hexagon. Conversely, applying the third dimension to a hexagon results in the cube.

6 one-dimensional sides ‘projected’ into the third dimension.

Based on these and other more or less convincing kabbalistic speculations (6th day of the week, 6th planet in the solar system, 6-sided figure) someone has speculated that 666, the legendary number ‘of the beast’, which in the Apocalypse of John (13.16-18) corresponds to the name of the devastating beast and in two passages of the Old Testament to the sum of the gold proceeds received in taxes by King Solomon (Kings 10.13: 16 – Chronicles 9.13: 14), both in indeed the numerical symbol of the god of matter and time, Saturn.

The “Saturn hexagon” is very evident, a persistent cloudy hexagonal system located at the north pole of the planet. Each side of the hex is 13,800 kilometers long, more than the diameter of the Earth. The hexagon rotates on itself in just under 10 hours and 40 minutes.

Here’s what NASA insiders think:
“It’s a very strange feature and is in a precise geometric shape, with 6 sides almost perfectly equal,” said Kevin Baines, an expert on atmosphere and a member of the Cassini team, related to the spectometer he makes infrared mapping at NASA’s Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California.
“We have never seen anything like this on this or any other planets. In fact, the dense atmosphere of Saturn, where circular shaped waves and convective cells dominate, is perhaps the last place where you would expect to see such a six-sided thing … but there is! “

Is it possible that already 5000 years ago the humanity was aware of this unmistakable morphological trait of the planet Saturn, to the point of representing it in the form of a hexagon, and of elaborating it up to the symbol of the cube god? Here there are 4 possibilities: either there is a mystification, or this coincidence is given by an incredible randomness, or humanity would have learned the notion from a non-terrestrial intelligence, or in the remote past on Earth technological means would have existed to capture images of Saturn, just as NASA appears to be doing today.

If one of the last two possibilities were founded, let’s try to imagine what other image of the planet Saturn could have remained etched in the mystical and esoteric imagination in the form of a symbol … Could it be an image like this?

Or a more distant image, like the following:

Doesn’t it remind you of a symbol that has been written and read excessively in recent years? The symbol of the Illuminati, the all-seeing eye from the top (disjointed) of the Egyptian-Masonic pyramid? We tend to make it coincide with the ancient Egyptian symbol of a positive divinity: the eye of Horus, or the eye of Ra. However, the eye depicted on top of the Masonic pyramid – and on the famous dollar bill – does not look much like traditional Egyptian depictions of the eye of Horus. The latter does not have an eyelid and is surrounded by a series of very typical effigies. There is no doubt that we are dealing with an eye, but are we really sure that it belongs to Horus, positive solar deity?

“ The ancient name of Saturn was, as mentioned, EL. It is the reason why EL’s chosen ones are called ELite. ”- Michael Tsarion, Astrotheology and Sidereal Mythology.

If what Tsarion and Maxwell asserted were founded, or if El was the Semitic name of the god Seth or of the ‘dark half’ of the god Horus, it would be deduced that the religion of which the Old Testament and the Gospels narrate, the populated tale by the ELhoim, the messengers of god, by ArcangELi within whose names the presence of the god is found: GabriELe, MichELe, RaffaELe, etc., is devoted to the worship of a divinity very different from that described in the catechism texts.

The doubts however persist if it is reflected on the name Israel, according to many sources resulting from the fusion of the names of the Egyptian supreme gods ISis (the Moon), RA (the Sun) and EL (Saturn). Assuming that this conjecture is founded, the fact that the name Ra and the name El were used simultaneously would prove that the two entities are considered to all intents and purposes as distinct forces, it does not matter if they are expressions of the same divinity. Which only feeds the suspicions raised by Tsarion and Maxwell, namely that the name El does not refer to the supreme divinity.

Stanley Kubrick to depict the ‘singularity’ that caused the evolution of hominids in prehistory, in the 2001 cult movie Odyssey in Space used the ‘fall’ from the sky of a black monolith.

The titanic immortal creatures described in Lovecraft’s works as opposed to the Big Ancients were the ELder Gods. The word elder in English means ancient, atavistic.

Sauron, an entity that manifests itself as an etheric all-seeing eye, and who with his subordinates opposes the destruction of the ring of power, in the story The Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien, is the umpteenth representation of Saturn and the story is a allegory on the inarident and self-destructive effects of power, governed by the black lord of matter. During the adventure the nemesis of Sauron – the ‘good’ magician Gandalf the Gray – dies and rises again in the form of Gandalf the White, avatar of the positive solar divinity who, as expected, returns to renew the victory of light over darkness.

According to some sources, including Jordan Maxwell, those who reach the highest level of indoctrination through the awarding of the degree, wearing the pileo (graduate’s cap) and wearing black, are actually paying homage to Saturn, the god Cube.

In the 70s Alan Parsons, London composer and rocker, collaborated with Pink Floyd in the drafting of the two albums Atom Heart Mother and The Dark Side of the Moon. Parsons’ production is imbued with occult and esoteric symbolism. In his songs he is inspired by the works of EA Poe, ancient Egypt and – in 1982 – he composes a piece entitled Eye in the Sky .
Here is the text of the refrain:

I am the eye in the sky
Looking at you
I can read your mind
I am the maker of rules
Dealing with fools
I can cheat you blind
And I don’t need to see any more
To know that
I can read your mind, I can read your mind.
I am the eye in the sky
Watching you
I can read in your mind
I am the creator of the rules
And I deal with fools
I can make you blind
And I don’t need to see anything else
To know that
I can read in your mind

Once again: is such a tone attributable to a positive solar deity?
Pink Floyd was also mentioned as references are made to Saturn in the text of the piece Learning to Fly. Is it possible that the ‘circles in the sky’ from which the ‘narrator’ cannot divert his eyes (first refrain) and mind (second refrain) are the rings of Saturn?
Pop songs openly dedicated to Saturn include John Coltrane’s Saturn, Stevie Wonder’s Saturn, Sun Ra’s Saturn Research and Jimi Hendrix’s South Saturn Delta.

In the music video of WILL.I.AM-That power FT. JUSTIN BIEBER we find the cult of the cube and the creation of the DIGITAL world for deception …
Illuminati symbolism and black and white masonry…

Or again … in the 2012 film THE AVENGERS, Loki arrives on Earth standing on a black hexagon:

In the 2007 Transformers movie instead:

In short … there is enough evidence … it is up to each of us to believe and think what we want and believe to be true and right.


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