Soul Mates: spiritual ties that go beyond myths and legends

In love it is always good not to have expectations impossible to reach and keep your feet on the ground, but then let yourself be truly amazed!
Instinct is very important. Pay close attention to this alarm bell: when you meet your soul mate it is very likely to feel familiar from the first moments: if this is what you feel, then there is a good chance that the relationship will continue …

The clash in a relationship is essential because it ignites love and teaches us not to take anything for granted. We are not talking here of endless quarrels, long faces and loud discussions … but more simply of a clash that arises from interest and which generates opportunities for confrontation. The soul mate is never who always gives you reason, but who, rather, spurs you on to be better ( and in turn tries to be better ); it makes you see the world from a new perspective, takes you by the hand and leads you out of your comfort zone, giving you support and support in any situation. You also recognize your soul mate by this: it fights alongside you and generates a deep sense of gratitude in you. You know that he is next to you and is on your side, always, even if you are physically far away or if he does not fully share some of your ideas.

When you feel perfectly at ease and you can show yourself just for who you are, it means that you have a man or woman in front of you that you can trust blindly.

If you notice that she accepts and loves your flaws, not just your strengths, then open your eyes well and don’t take the risk of letting her run away! Very often the soul mate is the one you feel deeply “friend”.

We must remember, however, that only by loving and taking care of ourselves to the best IN PRIMIS, will we really be able to give love to the other. If there is trust and respect between two people, there will be no need to live in symbiosis 24 hours a day: you feel close even when you are not close …

A detail that will really allow you to understand if you are facing your soul mate: you have the same vision of the future, your plans and objectives for the following years are mostly compatible and complementary. This is an excellent starting point for a happy future together! If you share important values ​​and if you want the same things from life, neither of them will have to change their vision for the other and this will give stability and strength to the relationship. Share basic ideas and values. These values ​​can be attachment to the family, the need for justice, loyalty (in love and friendship) or the desire for independence.

When we speak of Twin Souls , we refer to that particular interconnection that binds two or more souls with a single destiny: that of meeting, life after life, and evolving together along the path of spiritual evolution. The Soul Mates stimulate and help each other along the path of spiritual growth, often one comes to the rescue of the other, precisely because in the first place, they have a destiny to achieve, based on past lives already lived. We live in the Age of cosmic awareness and everything that happens has its reason for being, nothing belongs to chance; therefore, even our reunions, our encounters, belong to a well-defined cosmic program.

The question many people ask is, “Why do soulmates exist?”

Surely the Twin Souls are not an invention of who knows who, but they are actually a reality that regards the Being, understood as a spiritual being naturally. We can define our soul as “incomplete”, “not evolved”, and therefore we find ourselves on this planet, life after life, with certain characteristics that must be completed by the Twin Soul, so that we can manifest ourselves in our integrity.

A meeting between Twin Souls is that moment in which an individual becomes aware that something is missing, and that that something is an important, fundamental element in one’s existence, because it reminds him of something that is hidden in the eyes of the mind and that resides in the heart.

Unlike commonplaces, it is not so obvious that you will get married, or at least live your whole life together with your soul mate more closely connected to us. Probably there can be more than one reserved, because the families of souls proceed together. Therefore, it may be quite natural to marry or live with a person who is not our soul mate, but it is still a soul that specifically has something to teach us, or it is we who have something to teach that soul. Translated, it means that we can meet one of our Soul Mates when both we and her have already married and created a family in your current life.

This happens because the relationship between Twin Souls lasts for many lives, but only on a spiritual level, while we can physically live with another soul in karmic agreement. Just as it is not excluded that our strongest soul bond is with the soul of our parent, our son or brother. But it may also be that our soul mate did not incarnate during our existence and instead protects us from the afterlife, like a Guardian Angel. Or, as in the wishes of many people, our soulmate identifies with our partner, with that person who gives us a need to be together that escapes the ordinary reasons of attractiveness and exceeds all human consideration, transforming into a feeling of completeness and fulfillment without reason.

Each of these “options” is not a case or a cause, but rather the fate of the Twin Souls who are always destined, in one way or another, to meet. Sometimes a meeting of a few minutes is enough to change our life forever. And who can have this disruptive force on us, if not a soul mate?

Being with your soul mate is like feeling at home, it is a special relationship, in which you don’t have to act, pretend or appear, because the affinity that binds us is immediate, profound and “ancient”, as if you have always known each other . He is probably not a person with our same interests or opinions, for the simple fact that the attraction that is created is much deeper and more mysterious and does not concern the superficial layers of the personality, as it comes from our own family of souls. The families of souls are born from what is esoterically called a soul-root, or super-soul. A soul-root emanated by the Creator (or God, or as you prefer to call him!) In remote times and generator, over time, of many soul-companions, and precisely, Twins. Therefore, they are souls that were created at the same time and share the same essence.

And this explains why the mutual feelings between Twin Souls are by far the most intense that a soul can feel for another soul. The families of souls are nothing but the macrocosm, in a spiritual plane, of our traditional family seen from a material plane, microcosm. For this reason it is difficult to explain what two or more Twin Souls “feel”, it is an immediate, spontaneous and inexpressible soul intimacy with the usual relational parameters.

Many often ask themselves: “Why don’t I meet my soulmate?”,

the answer is quite simple: the soul mate should not be sought, it is not in our faculties. These meetings are a matter of destiny, you simply have to have faith and be ready, because they will certainly occur. Subsequently, after the meeting, it will be free will to decide, fate puts a gift like the Soul Mate before us, but we will have to be able to listen to our Heart. The more we are Awakened, the more likely (whatever it is) the decision is based on Love. And when both partners are Awakened, then, for them, ecstasy will be at hand.

Loving yourself is the most beautiful thing you can learn in life. Nobody teaches us, because often the family, like society, teaches us an erroneous knowledge of ourselves …
As children, we absorb the values ​​and stereotypes of our parents, to the point of losing sight of who we really are.
Therefore we will spend our whole life making choices both related to the job and to the various partners on the basis of those teachings. Without realizing it.

Blessed are those who have parents who are unable to shape their children in their own image and likeness and above all able to raise them according to their innate vital instinct!

Therefore whoever wants to learn to truly love each other, decides at some point in his life to break down all the barriers that have prevented him from meeting the true Self. To love oneself is therefore, to succeed in loving the journey home, in which the latter is symbolic of the ego that meets the soul with its project.
Loving yourself is often an act of rebellion against everything that has bound the person and made him powerless towards realization.
It means understanding each other in the deepest part, accepting even the darkest parts. This is Love.
It means to forgive ourselves every time we are wrong against ourselves.

It is not said that if you have a good job or a satisfactory relationship, you love yourself … just as if your life goes to a certain point, it is said that you do not love yourself!

Our soul wants to strive for unity in order to understand the Divine present in each of us.
In fact, in each one, we find a male and female principle. These two principles work within us to meet and reach the One.

For a woman, her soul mate is the masculine principle within herself, through which she will reach unity and therefore her own divine Self. For a man, therefore, it is the opposite principle, that is, the female one.
To strive for unity is therefore the possibility we give ourselves to meet the other twin of us who is inexorably part of us.

In romantic love, by soul mates we mean two people among whom there is a spiritual and sentimental affinity so deep that it can be interpreted as a sign that these people were predestined to love each other. In common language, the same concept is commonly expressed by referring to the metaphor of the “half apple” whereby the two soul mates are complementary as the two parts obtained by cutting an apple in half.

One of the classic images associated with this idea is that shown in Plato’s Symposium, in which the Greek myth of androgynes is reported and elaborated. According to this myth, humans were not divided by gender at the origin of time, and each had four arms, four legs and two heads. Over time the hermaphrodites began to be insolent towards the gods and these, as a punishment, separated them into two parts with lightning, thus generating from each primordial human being a man and a woman. As a consequence, every human being tries to find his initial completeness by looking for his lost half. According to the myth, however, humans were a couple that could be made up of two women, two men or a man and a woman, so there was no form of homophobia present.

«Finally Zeus had an idea and said:“ I think I have found a way for men to continue to exist, however, once they have weakened, they give up their insolence. Now I will cut them in two one by one, and so they will weaken and at the same time, doubling their number, they will become more useful to us “
(Plato, Symposium, 190c-d, trad. It. Franco Ferrari)


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