Enochian: the language to communicate with angels?

There are many mythical languages, from the language of witches to that of the Voynich Manuscript, but one in particular stands out: the Enochian, the so-called “language of angels”. 

This language would come from the private writings of the mathematician, astronomer and personal occultist of the famous Queen of England Elizabeth I, John Dee and his successor, the enigmatic Edward Kelley and they were among the most important figures of the esoteric rebirth.

Both John Dee and Edward Kelley claimed that the Enochian had been revealed to them as part of a series of “angelic messages”, the purpose of which seemed to be to raise human magic to a whole new level . Centuries later a similar episode occurred, from the hand of the occultist Aleister Crowley and his contacts with the disturbing angel Aiwass. The Enochian survived in Dee and Kelley’s diaries and notebooks, along with some short English translations. Currently, the Enochian continues to be carefully studied by many linguists, albeit with more detractors than followers. 
The Enochian termit derives from the theories of Dee and Kelley that the biblical patriarch Enoch, the same of the Book of Enoch, was the last man to know all the terms of this language. The idea that an antediluvian angelic language existedwas quite common in the time of John Dee and not without logic. If angels regularly interacted with humanity, as is clear in many passages of the Bible, then it would be possible that such interaction occurred in a sort of “common language”, a language certainly low and degraded for angels, but remarkably complex for the men. The first mention of the Enochian appears in 1581.

John Dee noted in his journal that God sent him an angel to communicate his intentions directly. In 1582 John Dee joined Kelley as a medium. Apparently, together they managed to contact that angel, who revealed some rudiments of the Enochian. John Dee argued that the Enochian is, in short, the language of God, the language that the Creator used to give an objective shape to his mind, that is, to create the universe.

Angels are able to speak that language, just like Adam, but not with the nuances and subtleties of the divine palate …

And men, even less qualified than angels, must conform to a rough and inaccurate pronunciation. In comparison, human languages ​​sound like stammering in the face of Enochian’s complexities. After the embarrassing episode of the Tree of Knowledge, Adam and Eve were expelled from paradise, but they brought with them the Enochian, the same one that Adam had used to give a name to all things. In a sense, John Dee claims that, over time, the Enochian has gradually degraded, to become what we know as proto-Hebrew, with few ties to that language of angels. The alleged angels who communicated with Dee and Kelley claimed that only Enoch disagreed and that he secretly wrote a forbidden book capable of evoking the most powerful primordial magic: the Book of Loagaeth (the book of God’s speech). Unfortunately, the angels discouraged that the book was lost during the Universal Flood due to Noah’s negligence.

The language is represented by 49 keys and 1000 distinct words as well as numerous names of angels. It served to invoke angels and communicate with them. 
The Enochian alphabet is written from right to left and is composed of 21 letters, as well as the Italian alphabet, rather than 24 like the Latin one or 22 like the Hebrew one. 
This allows to divide the letters into 3 groups of 7, and in reality the Enochian letters were revealed to Kelly into 3 groups of 7. These 3 groups, which can be connected with the 3 Hebrew Mother Letters or with the concept of trinity, represent the 3 families denominated “Pn”, “Tal” and “Pal”. Then follow the 7 Lights that govern the 12 Names of God which, in turn, govern the 99 Geographical Spirits derived from the Great Table of the Watchtowers.
The characters of the Enochian alphabet are used in the practice of the Enochian system, both through the use of the tablets called Watchtowers and, as a language, in the so-called Enochian.
The Enochian language has been the subject of numerous studies and has proven to be a true language, however it does not appear to have been spoken or that such characters have ever been used by men, outside of our uses. Although it seems it has never been used as a living language, our Tradition states that it is a secret language. Traces of this language have been found everywhere. An example is given by the name of the High Priest of Jupiter, which was called “Dialis”, a term of unknown origin and meaning. However on the Tablet of the Earth one of the Three Holy and Secret Names of God is precisely “Dial”. Even the word sanctioned UM or OM is the root for “intelligence”, in the Enochian Second Call we have in fact the words “omax” and “oma” intended as “understanding”.
It remains to be said that the method by which this language was passed on to John Dee and Edward Kelly makes it impossible to think of any fraud. During the dictation the letters were never mentioned, rather only the grids in which the letters were contained, e.g. column 3 – row 42, and Dee proceeded to transcribe. Often the message was written backwards, to avoid the dangers of a careless reading. The meaning and meaning, as well as the translation, was later provided by the same “dictation source” and not by John Dee or Edward Kelly.


However, some warnings should be added. When working at any level with the Enochian language, some caution is required. It is a powerful system and should not be used recklessly. Often it is transcribed or read backwards, to avoid mixing between the real Operations and the preparatory phases of the Operations. The value of the system is unquestionable and it is immediate to realize it.

There are two ways to pronounce Enochian letters, letter by letter pronunciation and discursive pronunciation. They produce different effects and therefore have different uses.

Dee is considered one of the most important exponents of the English Renaissance, and massively influenced the work of the Great Bardo William Shakespaeare. Around 1580 he moved away from rationalism to begin investigating the world of spiritualism and the occult. It was around this time that he formed a partnership with Edward Kelley. Kelley was always an occultist and alchemist. He said he had found a way to turn metals into gold and be in contact with the spirits of beyond.

From the moment Dee and Kelley began to collaborate, they carried out a lot of research and studies on the magical and esoteric world. It is said that they became great necromancers, able even to bring the dead back to life.

At one point, by meditating and praying, Dee managed to get in touch with the angelic creatures. Angels are pure spirits, the first to have been begotten by God long before men.

Enoch is a biblical patriarch to whom an apocryphal text, called “book of Enoch”, is attributed. He lived before the Flood and before Noah; the Bible says that he did not die, but was brought to heaven by God with his mortal body. It is therefore a character of great depth, since honored by a gift that very few received (always according to biblical sources).

Dee and Kelley managed to transcribe the alphabet of angels thanks to a divination system known in the Anglo-Saxon language as scrying . In Italian it is called “crystalloscopy”. It consists in using a reflective and shiny surface (for example a crystal ball) with a dark background. The seer is able to “read” inside the shiny surface.

Using an obsidian mirror, Dee had various visions in which angelic creatures showed him the characters of the alphabet used in their language. Enochian is not a simple language, but being the primordial language it is also the one capable of unleashing the magical potential in Man.

What, through Dee’s visions, was learned by Kelley, was transcribed into a series of books. The one considered most important is called “Liber Loagaeth”, which means “The Book of the Word of God”.

According to some modern scholars, it could instead be something invented from the plant by the two occultists.

If, in fact, the alphabet of Enoch’s language is completely unpublished, grammar and syntax instead closely resemble those of the English language. But it is also true that there are historical terms (such as the attribution to Zeus, in Greece, of the adjective “Dialis”, which does not have a specific meaning in ancient Greek) that are reflected if translated by the Enochian.

Someone else speaks of “glossolalia” which is the phenomenon whereby, according to the Gospels, the Apostles of Christ, having received the Holy Spirit, had the gift of speaking languages ​​they did not know. According to the same principle, the Greek sibyls were able to interpret the words of the god from which they were possessed.

What we do know is that the language of angels is far from simple. Dee and Kelly himself were referred to them in the form of complicated enigmatic numbered and deciphering tables. Today it is the basis of a divination tool known as “enochian chess”. To use it you need deep esoteric knowledge.

Enoch’s language was later used by occultists, such as Aleister Crowley, and satanists, like Anton LaVey, to bring their magical rituals to life. Still today it remains a very powerful and also very abstruse divination tool to master. What the angels told Dee was that their alphabet was the key to magic.

That magic would have given Man superhuman powers, changed Europe’s political structure and opened the door of the Apocalypse. On the other hand, Enoch’s language is nothing more than a key to the reading of the Beyond World, a door that allows access to knowledge that was once of Man and that has gone through the centuries and millennia forget.

In pop culture, the 1994 film Stargate incorporated Enochian letters such as the glyphs used to make the corner of the arc work. The film also focuses heavily on interstellar teleportation and ancient Egyptian culture. Interestingly, the film debuted a year before the United States’ remote viewing program, known as “Stargate”, went public.

We often underestimate the importance of the language we speak. It also influences our way of thinking, and shapes the real, to some extent …

Far more capable of doing this is a magic language, what God is said to have used to create. And magic has always been the Will of Creation through Gesture and the Word.



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