Lemuria: the “lost” continent of wonders

Lemuria is a hypothetical vanished continent, located in the Indian or Pacific Ocean. The stories about Lemuria differ according to the need for contextualization of the authors; almost all share, however, the cataclysmic element that would have made the ancient continent sink, in analogy with Plato’s Atlantis.

Although the lemurs living today are found only in Madagascar and in the neighboring islands, the discovery of families of lemurs extinct from Pakistan to Malaysia inspired the name Lemuria, coined in 1864 by the zoologist Philip Sclater in the article “The Mammals of Madagascar” published on The Quarterly Journal of Science . Confused by the presence of lemurs in both Madagascar and India and their absence in Africa and the Middle East, Sclater proposed that Madagascar and India had once been part of a larger continent, called Lemuria by the name of the lemurs.

Before the continental drift theory, scientists frequently postulated theories of submerged continents to explain the existence of terrestrial animals belonging to the same species, but separated by huge geographical barriers.

As Lemuria’s theory gained some importance, it began to appear in the works of other scientists such as Ernst Haeckel, a German taxonomist who proposed Lemuria as the explanation for the “missing link”.

Thanks to numerous naturalistic discoveries made in the mid-1800s, the fascinating hypothesis that this continent arose in the distant past spread. The theory had considerable resonance not only in the scientific field but also in various esoteric circles. In the mid-nineteenth century, naturalists began to try to explain the similarities found between animal and plant species from territories separated by large expanses of water.

Theosophist Helena Blavatsky embraced the theory, claiming that the inhabitants of Lemuria were the “original stock” of mankind. According to him, the “Lemurians” were 4.5 meters tall, laid eggs, had psychic powers, four arms, spaced eyes, flat face with protruding muzzle and strange feet, whose heel allowed to walk both forward and backward .

Helena Blavatsky

Lemuria entered the lexicon of the occult through the works of Helena Blavatsky, founder of the Theosophical Society, who declared around 1880 that the existence of this continent, inhabited by a race of spiritually pure hermaphrodites, had been revealed to her by the Mahatmas who would allowed to view a pre-Atlantean text, the Book of Dzyan. According to the theosophical interpretation, the hermaphrodites of Lemuria corresponded to one of the seven Radical Races through which the evolution of humanity cyclically moves. The lemuric is one of the epochs of human evolution that precede the subsequent one of Atlantis.

Rudolf Steiner

Rudolf Steiner says that the Lemurians had a soft and particularly malleable body, which means that they could modify their body and that they did not have a developed memory and for this reason they did not even have a language. Furthermore, as the ego was still underdeveloped and mobile, its inner attitude was immediately manifested. The ego and the astral body met the physical and etheric bodies for a short part of the day, determining a totally different approach to life and perception.

In addition to having clairvoyant qualities, the Lemurians possessed functions which were still united, in fact breathing and nourishment were combined in a single organ which introduced a liquid, milky substance. The sense organs were underdeveloped and mostly perceived images. The perception of heat and cold was transmitted by the pineal gland, now atrophied. These particular human characteristics derive from the fact that the first incarnations of man date back to this ancient era and therefore man was still not very close to the physical world, so much so that he lived many more experiences in the spiritual world. The spirits of Personality acted on the Lemurians by incarnating into men, guiding them.

The real engine of evolution from the Lemuric to the Atlantean era was the woman, able to acquire new elements related above all to memory:

«Anyone who does not consider that the first progress in the life of representation was made by the woman will not be able to truly understand the evolution of humanity. From this came that development of habits, connected with the life of inner meditation and with the cultivation of memory, which was the first seed of law and morality. Man had recognized and applied the forces of nature; the woman was the first interpreter. […] The evolution the woman underwent during the Lemuric era meant that an important part was assigned to her with the appearance of the following radical race, of the Atlantean race. » 
(Rudolf Steiner) 
Steiner also says that the Lemuric era ended due to major volcanic catastrophes but that a group of humans escaped from the catastrophe.

In 1894 Frederick Spencer Oliver published, with the pseudonym of “Phylos the Tibetan”, the novel A Dweller on Two Planets, in which he declared that the survivors of a submerged continent called Lemuria, lived above or within Mount Shasta in the north of California. The Lemurians would have lived in a complex system of tunnels dug in the mountain and, in some cases, would have been spotted out of their mountain, while walking in their white clothes.

These ideas were taken up by individuals such as Guy Warren Ballard, who formed the I AM Foundation in the 1930s.

At the time of Lemuria there were 7 continents, the sea level was 133 meters lower than it is now and two continents stood out for their culture: Atlantis and Lemuria.

Atlantis was a much younger civilization, whose time span ended about 150,000 years after the fall of Lemuria. The Atlantean period can be divided into two major phases: the “high”, older one, which had its center in the Atlantic Ocean (and hence Atlantis; see the so-called Bermuda Triangle where it seems they are still today some Atlantean machines are perfectly active and functioning) and the younger “low” one, with its fulcrum in the Mediterranean Sea, towards the island of Crete (the latter branch of civilization influenced and had contact with the Egyptian civilization).

The Atlanteans were a civilization essentially based on scientific knowledge coming from the mind and they represented the energies of the Divine Father. Although we remember them for their grandeur of the discoveries, of their buildings and temples, in their 200,000 years of history they experienced many periods of decline and war. From a social organization point of view, there was a highly hierarchical structure and knowledge was maintained and passed down only to the upper classes.

Lemuria, however, was a civilization that occupied a territory three times larger than that of Atlantis, in the Pacific Ocean (from the states of Washington, Oregon, California, to the Hawaiian islands, Easter Island, Australia, the New Zealand, Fidji and Polynesia).

The Lemurians were the first enlightened civilization on Earth, their knowledge came from the heart and they represented the energies of the Divine Mother and Compassion.

Their consciousness was projected on “being” and not on “doing”, as in Atlantis, in that: the needs of the heart are very different from those of the mind and very simple.

Those who await the discovery of the “treasures of Atlantis” are looking for something that represents the energies of the past compared to what will be brought to light, if only for the fact that Atlantis created technologies that separated the heart from the mind, based on the claim superiority of the intellect over the heart.

Those who strive to live from the heart are more related to Lemuria. However, many of us have experienced long periods of incarnation in Lemuria and then in Atlantis, both with successive and simultaneous incarnations; no one can say they are one or the other.

We could say essentially for three reasons:

The first reason is that we all tend to take an interest in things that are closest to us and Atlantis looks a lot like us, looks a lot like Western culture: predominance of mental and male energies. Many of the old energy leaders are Atlanteans. Kryon himself says that especially those who ruled Washington D.C. they were pure-blooded Atlanteans and several of them were responsible for the destruction of their own continent; the whole of American society has become very similar to that of Atlantis in this respect.

The second reason is that Atlantis disappeared 150,000 years after Lemuria, leaving a definitely fresher memory of itself.

But the third reason is that which connects our discourse also to the theme of these days: interdimensionality.

The Atlanteans were anchored to the third dimension from the beginning, while the Lemurians were not limited to it and had the “seed of interdimensionality”, so they soon became able to move between the various dimensions as we move between the planes of a building.

The Hindu, Vedas, Hopi manuscripts, etc, speak of a “lost continent”, but even if the continent is “lost”, Lemuria still exists on another dimensional level, however always present in our Earth. The Lemurians knew that if humanity had chosen to evolve to the 5th dimension, their work, their experience, their knowledge of more than 4 million years and their light would have been the most useful aid! And also for this reason they have maintained a certain degree of physicality, exactly as we will maintain it after the “cosmic leap of consciousness”.


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