Magic of crystals: life, energy, properties and uses of the mineral world

Today we are used to seeing crystals and precious stones in the stalls of folk festivals and with an esoteric theme, we are increasingly used to using them as pendants or as precious jewels in an attempt to attract good luck or other particular skills. 
We are also accustomed to their use from a therapeutic and holistic point of view, often combined with Oriental practices, or Neo-shamanism … also it is not uncommon to see them even in environments of occultism and magic, often used for exorcisms and purifications.

The concept of “stone” is a subject widely used in environments of esoteric reflection, so much so that even the Roman Catholic Church builds its “esoteric” knowledge on the ambivalence between Peter and Stone. 
Even the Alchemical schools of thought, and the Free Masonry (Masonry) base their philosophy on the power of the “rough stone” and “perfect stone” or Philosopher’s stone (lapidis Philosophorum), wanting to represent man or aspirant as a precious stone which is extracted in its roughest form from a mine and worked by skilled hands of a Master Craftsman, until it reaches its maximum perfection.

The origin of this typical association derives from the dual awareness that:

– even the greatest wonders of the world built in stone, are made with millions of bricks obtained from raw materials, often of little value.

– stones, rocks and crystals are among the most ancient and primordial elements of our planet, they retain memories and knowledge, brutal as well as refined, capable of giving great power to those who know how to appreciate them.

Today there are many neo-pagan and neo-shamanism schools that promote the use of crystals, often with practices and associations that seem to coincide with the rituals and practices proposed in holistic new-age schools.

However the chronicles of the ancients, and the historical finds found in tombs or thanks to some writings, it has been possible to discover that some mineral stones were actually used in some magical procedures, in the evocation of “primordial” entities, or in necromantic rituals , through working with the spirits of nature and the deceased. 
Celtic – Irish Druidism also appears to have made use of quartz and granite associated with spiritism, eridying practices of pre – Celtic peoples in Ireland. 
A further example of the use of quartz, we find it in the system of tombs of New Grange (about 3000 BC) in Ireland, where the tumulus seems to have been covered with quartz (now preserved in museums or raided by Vikings).
Along the lines of this research, some scholars have come to assume that the Germanic shamans themselves used stones, quartz and calcites in the necromantic-spiritual work.

From what were the rituals of the ancients, passing through the magical Greek-Egyptian use of some minerals (such as obsidian), or to astrological associations through the studies of philosophers (expertly conditioned by Agrippa), the use of crystals to today it has been considerably refined, and if the associations often proposed are cheap with simple associations based on the color / chakra; what was the school of the ancients, today can be strongly enhanced through the study of the chemical and mineral composition as well as through the electronic configuration of the elements themselves.

Stones and crystals have a peculiar vital energy that is transmitted and released to those who touch or wear them. Our body and the whole universe are also energy. In fact, a subtle body of energy extends around us.

Physical studies have highlighted and established that any body, organism and material has its own energy field. Therefore, probably, any natural phenomenon is accompanied by the emission or absorption of energy in the form of light, heat or radiation. As far as Crystals are concerned, they have the ability to absorb and transform light in the infrared, radiation and microwave range.

The characteristics of stones and crystals have been discovered which confirm the thesis of the ancient mystics about the kingdom of minerals …

Not only would they be alive, but they would also have a form of consciousness which, compared to man’s consciousness, is found in the band of very slow vibrations and although it has not reached our level, however, it exists. 
They have a sort of pulse that can be measured with special very sensitive instruments. Each pulsation of their “hearts” lasts about 24 hours, and therefore we cannot hear it. The ability of the stones to move was also established through very spaced frames over time. 
A Russian engineer, A. Borovikov, who had studied agates, confirms that they would be living things, having these characteristics:

  • They possess an anatomy of sicylic-based organisms
  • They have the ability to multiply with seeds and sprouts
  • Inside the stones a sort of “fetus” could be identified
  • They have spiral-shaped skin
  • There is a periodic skin change
  • The skin regenerates
  • The wounds repair themselves
  • The presence of a biofield

– The body of crystals holds the inherited information

According to this researcher, since stones live millions of years, their life rhythm is enormously slower. Photos taken at large time intervals demonstrate births and wound repair. According to Borovikov, they live thanks to the energy of the sun. 
In the 21st century, not only geologists were interested in stones, the French doctor R. Damon also found a pulse in a stone he used as a press, and the cardiograph confirmed the presence of a weak pulse, recorded by the equipment. Together with the biologist Escoliette, he made a hundred experiments that confirmed the fact that the stones – even the common ones – breathe. “It takes between 3 days to 2 weeks for a breath.
They are also capable of moving. A stone examined in two weeks had moved 2.5 mm (this explains the phenomenon of walking stones, such as those in the Death Valley, California). They are also capable of changing their structure … 
In short, the stones and the whole mineral world are alive …

To take full advantage of the properties of stones and crystals, it is necessary to purify them, cleaning them from the energies they have retained. 
Purifying the stones allows us to restore their energetic strength and their therapeutic properties. To do this we can use different methods, simple but effective.


Wash the crystals with cold running water for a few minutes, then leave them to soak in the water for 24 hours, adding plenty of coarse salt. At the end rinse the stones with running water. This practice will release the negative energies accumulated by the crystal.
To recharge the energy of the crystals, bury them in the earth for at least 3 days (the complete recharge treatment involves burial for 21-28 days).
Alternatively or in addition to the burial, we can expose the crystals to the light of the sun and moon (especially the full moon or particular astrological events) for 3 days.

Always to purify the energies of the stones and crystals, you can use the sound, the vibrations, of the Tibetan bells by placing the smaller stones inside the bell and making it vibrate and ring or for the larger stones, making it very close and around , sound and vibration.

Furthermore, we can use the famous Bach flowers, the mixture used for the rapid treatment of “trauma” is the Rescue Remedy, a preparation containing 5 flowers: Clematis, Impatiens, Star of Bethlehem, Rock Rose, Cherry Plum. The same mixture works on crystals.
Fill a bowl with half a liter of water and add 15 drops of Rescue Remedy. Soak the crystals for a couple of hours, then dry them well, perhaps even using the light and heat of the sun.

A final way to purify a crystal or stone is to use others, such as a quartz or amethyst geode.

“There is no stone that, in addition to beauty, does not have any particular property”

  • Jean de La Taille


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