Water: source of life and transformation

Water in nature is one of the main constituents of ecosystems and is the basis of all known forms of life, including the human being; to it is also due the same origin of life on our planet (as well as probably on others) and is also indispensable in civil, agricultural and industrial use; man has always recognized its importance, identifying it as one of the main building blocks of the universe and attributing a profound symbolic value to it, found in all major religions and cultures.

On planet Earth, water covers 71% of the planet’s surface and is the main constituent of the human body in varying percentages depending on age, sex and weight. It is therefore of fundamental importance for the transport of nutrients in all body areas and for the elimination and excretion, via urine, of the waste produced in biochemical reactions. Water also plays a crucial role in regulating body temperature (through sweating) and in the concentration of mineral salts; it also participates in digestion, promoting intestinal transit and the absorption of nutrients. Precisely because water must be present in very high quantities in human nutrition, it is classified as “macronutrient”.

In plants it is the main component of the lymph, which has the function of transporting the nutrients in all tissues, and of the vacuoles, which regulate osmotic pressure. In the human body, water makes up 65% of body weight, gradually decreasing with increasing age and depending on gender.

The presence of water molecules has been found in the interstellar clouds of our galaxy. It is assumed that water is abundant in other galaxies as well, since its elemental components (hydrogen and oxygen) are among the most abundant elements in the universe.

Water played a fundamental role in the development of the first ancient civilizations, which were located along the great rivers of the East: the Nile for the Egyptian civilization, the Tigris and the Euphrates for the Mesopotamian civilizations (Sumerians, Babylonians and Assyrians) , the Huang He (Yellow River) for China, the Indus and the Ganges for India.

The large river basins constituted an opportunity for greater soil fertility and ease of transport, but they determined a more complex social organization necessary to manage conflicts over resources and to face the construction and maintenance of imposing irrigation systems and flood protection.

Minor, but far from negligible, was also the importance of the internal seas, especially the Mediterranean sea, which facilitated trade and cultural contacts between distant peoples, with the formation of civilizations mainly dedicated to trade (first of all the Phoenicians).

Many religions worship gods related to water or the waterways themselves (for example, the Ganges is a goddess for Hinduism). Still, particular semi-divinities, called Nymphs , we also find them in classical mythology. Water is considered a primitive element among many peoples, even very distant from each other: in China it was identified with the chaos, from which the universe originated, while in Genesis it already appears in the second verse, before the light and the lands He emerged. Even the Greek philosopher Thales associated water with the origin of all things and asserted that its smoothness is also able to explain the changes in things themselves.

With the development of the first philosophical systems, water was joined by a few other primeval elements without losing its importance. In all ancient civilizations there was a widespread belief that the multiplicity of nature could be traced back to the combination of very few constituent elements: water, fire, earth and air (or wood) and possibly the fifth essence. Thus in the east, Chinese Taoism includes water among its five elements with earth, fire, wood and metal. In the West, Empedocles (about 492 BC – about 430 BC) also included water among the four fundamental elements, to which Plato added the ether (quintessence) in Timaeus. Aristotle himself (384 BC – 322 BC) argued that matter was formed by the interaction of the four elements mentioned by Empedocles.

The indispensability of water for the flowering of life affected many civilizations. For example, in the Sumerian language “a” means both “water” and “generation”. In most religions, therefore, water has become a symbol of renewal and consequently of divine blessing. It appears in the “purification” and rebirth rites of many cults: in the immersion rites of Christian baptism and in the ablutions of Judaism and Islam to name among the most famous. Also in Shintoism water is used in the purification rituals of people and places, as well as of objects such as stones and crystals.

The Jewish mystical wisdom tradition of the Kabbalah identifies in the water the symbol of the Sefirah Chessed, indicating the divine quality of Mercy, kindness and greatness: many references of the Torah to water, also its symbol. According to Jewish exegesis, the same Hebrew term “Yivrì” means “he who comes from beyond the river” and is present in the Hebrew Bible used for the first time regarding Abraham. The Hebrew term that translates the word water, Maim, if associated with the term Esh, fire, forms the word Shamaim which means Heaven: in fact, the Heavens are believed to present the union of water and fire.

Mircea Eliade has studied aquatic myths analytically in the various religions: “ The waters symbolize the totality of the virtualities“. Eliade considered: the Waters and the Germs; aquatic cosmogonies (in India, in the Enûma Eliš of Babylonian mythology); ilogenies (origin of mankind or of a race from the waters); the Water of Life (water rejuvenates and gives eternal life); the symbolism of immersion; baptism; the thirst of the dead (the evangelical Parable of Lazarus and the rich Epulon; among the Greeks; in Mesopotamia; in ancient Egypt); the miraculous and oracular sources (already from the Neolithic, then for example the Delizia Pizia); the aquatic epiphanies and the divinities of the waters; the Nymphs; Poseidon and Ægir; the animals and aquatic emblems (dragons, dolphins, snakes, shells, fishes, etc., which regulate the fertility of the world and have the sacred strength of the abyss); the symbolism of the flood …

The spiritual and therapeutic powers of the sounds of water, from the roar of the ocean to the murmur of a stream, are known to people of all cultures. In maquam rast (Islamic music therapy) water plays a central role and is “played” thus giving the rhythm to the music. The player uses two bowls to pour the water into a large container. As he pours from one bowl he fills the other, in a continuous circular motion, so that the flow is constant. This action creates the musical rhythmic base and is always present even when it is not immediately perceptible.

In psychoanalysis it is considered the symbol of the primordial, ancestral unconscious. 

Water is the vital element from which everything is born, the womb, the source of nourishment …

The Water Element embodies the liquid state of flexibility, receptivity and inertia. It assimilates, internalizes, softens, mixes, inhibits, homogenizes, fills and resolves. He wins by giving up, changing shape, adapting to circumstances, bypassing the obstacles he encounters, but relentlessly he comes to the sea from the source where he is born, becoming first a stream and then a river in a continuous process of transformation which is his true strength. Water is all liquids, it is fluid, constantly moving, constantly changing, sometimes slow and almost imperceptible, sometimes fast and precipitous. At no time is it equal to itself. The water is deep, it is receptive and purifying; it is therapeutic, bearer of secret energies and healer. To the water belong the deep emotions that flow, they appear on the surface or disappear underground according to their own laws, elusive, unpredictable, indefinable, sometimes unknown, sometimes dominant. Altruism, the ability to abandon, dependence, guilt, attachment, compassion, sharing are his most characteristic feelings. Streams tend to meet, to gather, to grow together, so water tends to bonds, to union until dependence, even if interrupted by cyclic separations. The bonds in turn are strengthened through liquids (sexuality, breastfeeding, drinking in company etc.). Water is privileged over other elements, because, in its unpredictability, it possesses both the calm, gravity and the abysmal depth of the Earth, as well as the orbiting anxiety of Air, as well as the mobility of Fire.

It is truly amazing to understand how our intent, through thoughts, words and symbols, can change matter.

Masaru Emoto’s rice experiment to test the effect of thoughts on matter is famous. We are already aware that it is consciousness that creates reality. Today quantum physics, which studies matter at subatomic levels, has come to explain how the observer affects reality and we can thus better understand the relationship between consciousness and the physical plane.

The memory of water

Masaru Emoto was a Japanese researcher who dedicated his life to the memory of water by managing to demonstrate how it can record information and how this information affects water itself.

He used water to leave a precious message for each of us, making us understand how responsible we are and how little we are aware of it! 
Water is life, water carries information, we are made of water, the world is made of water, without water we could not live. Those who seek to manipulate and control this precious commodity are well aware of this. ..

Returning to Masaru Emoto’s legacy, we want to share the image of the results of his experiments on water, with which he was able to see how the shapes of crystals varied according to the different words applied to water.

heavy metal music
symphony n.40 by Mozart
“I want to kill you”

“thank you”

In this way we are able to understand how water is influenced by the intent, by thought, by the vibration of a sound or a word and memorizes its information.

Words, like thoughts, like symbols ( like everything in reality ) are energy that has a vibration and a frequency. In fact, in the experiment it is clear how different information affects water in a different way.

Water, as known, has a “memory” and this has been scientifically proven for some time. Water has the highest ability to retain and transmit information.

Dr. Emoto has discovered a device that allows you to photograph water crystals, taken as a sample from tap water, from springs, rivers or more, under a microscope.

London water
Paris water
Lourdes water
Lourdes water after praying

Water is originally natural and has the ability to purify itself, but man is doing his best to pollute everything. Great efforts must be made to still find “natural” water in the true sense of the word. Water circulates freely in the world and absorbs and dilutes all polluting substances. Water is the source of life, if it is polluted we will all poison ourselves slowly (let’s not forget that 75% of the Earth is covered by water, as well as our body, which is also composed equally of water). So, since we live with water widely, if the Earth gets sick then we too get sick …

Speaking of Lourdes, let’s open a small parenthesis on the so-called miraculous waters, or “White Light” waters.

Dr Ciccolo di Milano, biologist, after many years of study has identified the therapeutic properties of the waters that flow from miraculous sources, that is, from places where exceptional spiritual manifestations have occurred (such as the Marian apparitions): Lourdes, Medjugorye, Fatima , S.Damiano, Efeso, Montichiari, S.Maria alla Fontana.

It all began during a trip to Lourdes in 1984. Not a particularly believer, she was amazed (as a good researcher) by how, in the tanks in which thousands of people affected by every type of disease plunged every day, the transmission could not occur of the diseases themselves.
Intrigued, she took a sample of that water, analyzed it and found that it was very pure, indeed it was “informed” of Luce. A water that responded to the 7 basic frequencies that characterize the luminous spectrum consisting of the 7 colors of the rainbow, from whose fusion derives the “White Light”, that is, the structure of living matter.

Then began his pilgrimage through the remaining places of apparitions already mentioned, in which the water responded to the same frequencies of Light, as if these waters had been “informed” at the time of the apparition, each of them resonating with a particular moment astrological. It should be emphasized that he analyzed further different natural sources, without however finding these particular vibrations.

If we interpret the indications of Hippocrates, who said: “It is the natural forces that heal diseases, the remedies that bring light or positive vibrations”, it is natural to agree with his theory, which does not differ much from Dr.’s studies. Emoto made in collaboration with Dr. Lorenzon, an American advocate convinced that people’s physical condition can be improved with water (he healed his wife of cancer). For his part, Emoto says: “If research in this field continues, the 21st century will be an era in which water will live in symbiosis with medicine.”

Returning to the Waters of Light of Dr. Ciccolo, what may be of interest to us is that this therapy relates to astrology. In fact it follows the solilunar motion, it is based on the lunation cycles, on the zodiac signs and the parts of the body they govern, on the cardinal points, on the planetary hours. Each of these waters resonates best at a certain moment of the day which corresponds to a cardinal point; there is water in the morning, that of midday, sunset and night (the 4 most important points of the horoscope).

There are also the “waters of the month” (zodiac). The water of Aries, collected when the Sun is in the sign, is different from that of Pisces or Aquarius.

It is as if water photographed the cosmic moment and memorized it.

The parallels between homeopathy and waters of light are numerous, given that it starts from the assumption that, even when there is no trace of matter, its energetic imprint remains, indeed in dilution we enter into resonance with the subtle bodies and with the cosmos. The same is true of Bach flowers, the remedies that heal the soul.

Water is the most ductile and permeable substance that exists, so it is very easy for you to “inform” all your molecules of the “vibration” with which it came into contact and “remember”. Water remembers, water is the conducting circuit of messages, water has memory. Guenon defines the Moon (water element) as “cosmic memory”.

Water is the element that most easily changes state: from ice it passes into the liquid state, then gaseous and aeriform. This allows it to go up and down in creation by bringing information from the bottom to the top and vice versa.

Dr. Emoto asserts: “Words are the vibrations of nature, so beautiful words create a beautiful nature, bad words create an ugly nature. This is the root of the universe. “

We may also be skeptical, but we are faced with proven experiments. As Einstein said: “Whoever does not admit the unfathomable mystery, cannot even be a scientist.” One cannot believe only what one touches with one’s hand.

A saying of the Gospel says “It kills the word more than the sword” and the answers of the water are proof of this.

What disruption can our body (75% water), our interiority, the psyche, the soul (Moon / water) suffer when they are overwhelmed by words or heavy deeds? An emotional shock can cause a cataclysm within us, a tidal wave that completely submerges us. Of course not all of us are the same, the sensitivity is different for each of us, therefore the reactions can be different depending on the personal and character characteristics and also the water contained in our body is different.
Each of us has a particular vibration that identifies it.

Even according to Ayurveda and Chinese medicine, “emotions are often responsible for breaking the balance and causing illness.” Disease which is a form of disharmony with the cosmic order. Those positive vibrations that keep the body healthy are lacking.

Everything begins and ends in the mind and water is the mirror of the mind.

It has now been established that almost all diseases are of psychosomatic origin (unless they are genetic or karmic). The ethologist Konrad Lorenz, in the “decline of man”, says that our psyche is the environment most devastated by this millennium, which goes hand in hand with environmental and social degradation.

The media also contribute significantly to creating anxieties and fears. There is a tendency to highlight too much evil. In these times people are bombarded day and night by an overdose of barbarism that traumatizes even the toughest spirits … a media strike would be appropriate every now and then.

A strong prevalence of planets in water signs, a very strong Moon or Neptune, make the people concerned much more fragile than others, even in the face of life’s events. Emotions, anxiety, apprehension, can diminish defenses and take away vital energy.

Here’s how you have to be! You have to be like water. No obstacles – it flows. Find a dam, then stop. The dam breaks, flows again. In a square container, it is square. In one round, it is round. That’s why it’s more indispensable than anything else. Nothing exists in the world more adaptable than water. And yet when she falls on the ground, persisting, nothing can be stronger than her.

  • (Lao Tzu)


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