Mondialism: how we get manipulated through mind control and single thought

There are dark and powerful forces that have set themselves the goal of irreparably detaching human beings from their roots, of making them “wandering atoms” on earth, unanchored, homologated and interchangeable, in order to be able to increasingly manipulate, exploit and enslave them …

The loss of roots and the loss of identity, which are two sides of the same coin, are only partially the result of “natural” dynamics, characteristic of the modern world; for the most part, however, they are the effect of a plan, of a strategy carefully planned and pursued by those who possess the global tools to do it: technological patents, mass media, hidden persuaders, fashion and all that it shapes the collective imagination.

Nothing is random, everything has been studied at the table, from Coca-Cola to the miniskirt, from jeans to the multifunctional mobile phone, from the songs destined to climb the rankings to the latest video game. These forces also bought or subjugated the men of government, the class of intellectuals, most of the public administrators and, in general, all those who contribute to determining public opinion. Many of them zealously collaborate with the current guidelines for conformism, for gregarious spirit, for vanity: they follow the current, they conform to a pre-established plan. A part instead, those of the highest level, were explicitly enlisted, albeit secret: they took orders from the masonry, which paved the way for them, freed them from the uncomfortable competitors, carried them on the velvet to the armchairs that count. Joints at which, they look like powerful men, but they are only remote-controlled puppets: since their inauguration they have to gain the support received, collaborating blindly in the design for which they were recruited. In this way almost all the presidents are selected, all the great public executives, all the directors of the financial institutions, all the most famous architects and town planners, the film directors, the directors of the publishing houses, the principals of the public and private universities, many magistrates, the leaders of the armed forces and the Vatican …

All of this is done to contribute to the final goal: to detach human beings from their roots, from their country, from their identity and also from their religious faith. Once their roots are cut, humans no longer take hold of the world, become inconsistent, can be taken in any direction by the first gust of wind.

A country that, mind you, is first of all a place of the soul, just as the home of Giovani Verga is first of all an intimacy of affections, and not just a house built in a certain place, within a specific space geographic, made of stones and bricks.

There is an essential link between men and the country in which they live: severing that link means eradicating them and making them into alienated poor people.

A concept that had been dear to German nationalists is the binomial blood and soil (Blut und Boden), that is race and land . But since nationalism, after 1945, has been the object of the most bitter disapproval, from the dominant culture, from that moment, to speak of identity, of bond with the land, of race in a spiritual sense, of people as destiny, has been , for decades, a little less than a crime: the writers or thinkers who did it, were immediately looked upon with suspicion and accused, at best, of narcissism and individualism.

Moreover, in our days it is increasingly evident that Marxist internationalism has only prepared the ground, eradicating the bond with the earth and the sense of identity, to what is happening today, that is the eruption of an even more inexorable compressor roller , that of great speculative finance, whose goal is to break the bond between men and the earth in order to better serve them to its designs. Globalization, in fact, pursues, encourages and feeds the maximum of the fracture, the splitting and the laceration of the ego, attacking its identity up to the roots, for example insinuating in individuals even the doubt about their sexual identity, and, in the same time, weakening the bond with others I …

In a sense, it is as if the last generations had been exposed to the aggression of globalism without having the antibodies to repel the attack. This is because adults have gradually modified, and finally reversed, their educational attitude towards young people, presenting them with the goal of freeing themselves from the shameful burden of belonging. The love and respect for religious faith, the homeland and the family, which were its essence, have become little by little: and the young people have been encouraged to emancipate themselves from similar remnants of a past world and that must not return. The hatred for capitalism has gone to the adoration of its quintessence: consumerism. 

According to the political scientist Jean-Yves Camus, it is a:

«Neologism appeared in the early 1980s in the conspiracy circles of the anti-Semitic far right to designate the allegedly concerted action of secret societies, economic interest groups or lobbies to bring about the establishment of a world government»

The concept is used by Or Rosenboim, historian of ideas, to translate the political side of globalization, which is generally understood as an economic and financial phenomenon.

Globalism has affinity with the “new world order”, since this expression is used in some conspiracy circles. 

The critical works of “globalism” often focuses on personalities or organizations, public or private, which they identify as collaborators of this project. These include: Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi, Clarence Streit, David Rockefeller, the Fabian Society, the Round table, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg group, George Soros and the trilateral commission.

Politicians who publicly criticized globalism include Pino Rauti, Jean-Marie Le Pen, Marine Le Pen and Donald Trump.

Globalism is not globalization because this is an unavoidable process of material exchange due to technical progress. We cannot oppose this, nor would it be desirable to do so. The rejection of globalization is not the desire for a backward return from civilization or a rejection of progress. What is accused is globalism. 
Globalism is an ideological project, a sort of secular religion that works to impose a world government and to dissolve all the nations of the planet. 
This goal is covered under the pretext of a “universal peace”, given that the diversity of nations and peoples are considered by the globalists as the cause of the wars that have bloodied the planet since the dawn of humanity.

Today’s globalism today has a double meaning. 
The Obscurantism of Human Rights: or the prohibition, under accusation of blasphemy and heresy, from now on to use Reason to criticize the concrete wrongdoings of this totalitarian process on concrete humanity. Mondialism which is also, at the same time, the unavoidable constant of mercantile society: this has passed from free enterprise to the entrepreneur of free financial capitalism, the one where every man is reduced to the role of wage earner and slave consumer. 
We now have the convergence of two unifying processes: one ideological and thought: universal human rights, the other, economic, imposed: integral commodification under the religion of profit.
Two processes that merge today into the same project, that of “world government” under the aegis of capitalism, in the name of abstract human rights. 
What is politically incorrect? Politically incorrect, it is all that does not agree to submit. 

All resistance to this subordination is considered a crime against humanity. In summary: any refusal of men to submit to world domination is considered by this power as a crime against humanity. 
These “sentences” allow to expel those who are accused by such “masters of thought” for their humanity, flattening the level of men without rights and who cannot enjoy the famous Human Rights.

And those who resist submitting, those who want to follow their own path, are debased and trampled …

In its essential logic, the single thought corresponds to the compact, unitary and devoid of political and cultural ideological superstructure typical of the structure of global economic-financial fanaticism which was structured after the twentieth-century historical communism.

The single thought is the symbolic order coherent with the new reeudalized ordo oeconomicus, the ideological superstructure of the capitalist class structure that has become a global single market without borders. The economically unequal homologation of capitalist globalization thus presents itself, in the cultural and superstructural sphere, in the form of the dominant symbolic order of politically correct single thought, a superstitious and imperfectly secularized system of interdictions and sanctions capable of neutralizing every idea, every orientation, every perspective, every yearning not aligned with the structure.

From a different perspective angle, it coincides with the symbolic order that glorifies existing power relationships, the illogical logic of a system that orbits the goal of unlimited growth, increasingly radical class inequalities, the neutralization of the possibility of dissenting compared to this madness, defended methodically by the Deus mortalis of the global market.
Unique thought is the superstructure that promotes the order of domination of the globalist elite by smuggling it as natural, irreversible and such as to promote the general interest of humanity: it is “unique” because, as we said, it is introjected and metabolized also by the Precarious servant, who made his vision of his traditional opponent his own. The conflicting dualism of the perspectives is displaced by the symbolic monopolarism promoting westernism and, at the same time, the permanent subordination of the precarious servant.
If we really entered the era of the “end of ideologies”, this does not depend so much on the exhaustion of solid and compact visions of the world, but rather on the survival of a single ideology in the singular, that of the unique neoliberal thought that always sanctifies the any order that is inhomogeneous and potentially antagonistic with respect to it exists and liquidates as “ideological”.

In order to carry out this process of manipulation and control of consciences, aimed at making the Servant love his own slavery, it was necessary to proceed in advance with the lobotomization of the masses; expression with which we allude to the dynamics of normalization of dissent and anesthetization of the oppositional consciousness that has led the Servant to always orient himself only according to the schemes of the dominant symbolic order and, consequently, to abandon any authentically and operationally antagonistic perspective. More than generic “lobotomization” one could, perhaps, more properly speak, with a heuristic neologism, of “logotomization”, to signal how the new subordinate plebs have been progressively deprived of logos as the ability to think, communicate and measure.

Programming through the mass media

Sex is omnipresent in mass media, as it attracts and maintains the attention of the viewer.
It connects directly to our reproductive instinct, and when activated, this instinct can instantly overshadow any other rational thinking in our brain. The documented use of this technique in the mass media shows that its creators firmly believe in its effectiveness. Recent studies have also shown that it works, especially when the message is negative. A team from the University College of London, funded by the Wellcome Trust, has found that subliminal perception is particularly suitable for recording negative messages.

The levels of Monarch programming identify the “functions” of the slave and are named after the brain waves of electroencephalography (EEG) associated with them.


  • BETA: refers to “sexual” programming (sexual slaves). This programming eliminates all the moral convictions learned and stimulates the primitive sexual instinct, free of inhibitions.
    At this level you can create alter ego “kittens”.
    Known as Kitten programming, it is the most obvious type of programming that female celebrities, models, actresses and singers have been subjected to. In popular culture, feline design clothes often denote such programming.

“A key element of social control, the strategy of diversion is to divert the attention of the public from important problems and from the changes decided by political and economic elites through a continuous stream of distractions and insignificant information. The diversion strategy is also essential to prevent the public from taking an interest in essential knowledge in the fields of science, economics, psychology, neurobiology and cybernetics. “Keeping the attention of the distracted public, away from real social problems, fascinated by topics of not real importance. Keep the audience busy, busy, with no time to think, always on the farm with other animals. Make the individual believe that he is solely responsible for his misfortune, due to the insufficiency of his intelligence, his skills or his efforts. Thus, instead of turning against the economic system, the individual self-depreciates and feels guilty, which generates a depressive state, one of whose effects is the inhibition of the action. And without action, no revolution! “

  • Extract from Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars –

“The hypnosis methods used in commercial and political propaganda constitute a serious danger for mental balance, in particular for clear and critical thinking and emotional independence. I do not doubt that in-depth studies will show that the damage caused by drug intoxication is only a fraction of the damage produced by the brainwashing methods used in our society, and ranging from subliminal suggestions to semipnotic expedients such as continuous repetition or distraction. of rational thinking through the sexual appeal. We are not masters of our minds at all, because the propaganda from which we are bombarded uses hypnotic methods. And, to combat this ever-growing danger, we must prevent the use of all hypnotizing forms of propaganda, both as regards goods and politicians. All brainwashing methods used by political propaganda and industrial advertising must be banned. The methods in question are dangerous, not only because they induce us to buy things we don’t need and don’t want, but also because they persuade us to choose political representatives that we wouldn’t need and that we wouldn’t want if we were in full possession of our mental faculties. ” (Erich Fromm – To Have or To Be?)

“The masses … their attitude towards the new regime after the coup will be decisive in the long run. Our immediate task will be to impose public order, but our long-term goal will be to gain acceptance of the masses, so that the use of physical coercion is not necessary. “… our tool in this direction will be CONTROL OF THE MEANS OF MASS COMMUNICATION … “. This explains why topics like chemtrails hardly ever find space in the most important media, only to be disparaged when called into question.

  • “Coup d’état: practical manual”. The author is Edward Luttwak, a military expert who was also an adviser to Ronald Reagan, super-conservative and militarist.

Here comes the best part:
“Every individual who opposes will have to operate in isolation. So we have to make every effort to suppress that kind of news. If any resistance appears, we must STRONGLY EMPHASIZE THAT IT COMES FROM ISOLATED, OBSTINATED INDIVIDUAL, MALFORMED AND DISHONESTED, who are not affiliated with any major group or party. Constant work on the issue of insulation will make useless and dangerous resistance appear. “
“We will make use of a suitable SELECTION of UNPLEASANT PHRASES (for example ANTI-AMERICANISM ANTI-SEMITISM … or, I would add, SKIACHEMIST … PARANOIC OBSESSED …) even if their meaning has been obscured by their normal constant and deliberate use, they remain useful as indicators of our impeccable nationalism “.
In these sentences who did you recognize?

The four components of mind control
Mind control cannot be understood without understanding how powerful behavior modification techniques are and what role the influence of conformism and obedience to authority plays. If we take these cornerstones of social psychology as a starting point, we can better identify the fundamental elements of mind control. Mind control can be fully understood by analyzing the three components described by psychologist Leon Festinger in what is known as the “cognitive dissonance theory”. It is about controlling behavior, controlling thoughts and controlling emotions.
Each component profoundly influences the other two: by changing one, the others will also tend to change. If you can change all three of them, the individual will be blown away. However, this fourth component can also be considered: information control. Controlling the flow of information a person has means limiting his ability to think independently. We can define these factors as the four components of mind control, the real cornerstones that help to understand the way in which this control is accomplished.

Behavior control
Behavioral control is what governs an individual’s physical reality. It includes checking the context in which the person finds himself – that is, where he lives, what clothes he wears, what food he eats, how much he sleeps – as well as his work, habits and other activities.
The need to exercise behavioral control is at the basis of the rigid life programs that many cults impose on their followers. A good part of the day is devoted to rituals and indoctrination activities. The habit of assigning specific objectives and jobs to affiliates is frequent, in order to limit their free time and their behavior.
In destructive cults there is always something to do. In some of the more restrictive groups members must seek permission for anything. In some cases the individual is made so financially dependent that his behavioral choice is automatically restricted.

Thought control
Thought control, the second important component of mind control, involves the indoctrination of members in such a pervasive way that they internalize the group’s doctrine, take on a new slang system and use thought blocking techniques that keep their minds ” centered. ” To become a good follower, in fact, a person must first learn to manipulate their mental processes.
In totalitarian cults, ideology is internalized as “the truth”, the only and authentic “map” of reality. Doctrine serves not only to filter incoming information, but also indicates how to process it. Generally these are absolutist doctrines, which divide everything into “black or white”, “us or them”. All that is good is embodied in the leader and his group. All that is bad is in the outside world. The most totalitarian groups claim that their doctrine has been scientifically proven. The doctrine claims to be able to answer all the questions, to answer all the problems and all the situations. An affiliate doesn’t need to think for himself, since the doctrine thinks for him.
A destructive cult has its “own” language, which contemplates typical words and expressions. Since language provides the symbols we use to think, controlling certain words also means controlling thoughts. In fact, many groups condense complex situations, give them a label and turn them into group clichés. This label, which is nothing more than the verbal expression of internal jargon, governs the way of thinking of each individual, whatever the context in which it is found.

Emotion control
Emotional control, the third component of mind control, aims to manipulate and limit the sphere of feelings. Guilt and fear are the tools used to keep people in check. Guilt is perhaps the only and most important emotional lever capable of inducing conformism and compliance. The blame put in place can be of various types: historical (for example the fact that the US dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima); of thought (“I am not living according to my potential”); linked to past actions (“I passed an exam using cheating”); social (“There are people who are starving”), and so on. All guilt feelings that can be exploited by those in charge of a destructive cult. Most affiliates are not aware that guilt and fears are used to control them: they have been conditioned to always and only blame themselves.
Fear aims to keep the group together and is basically used in two ways. The first is the creation of an external enemy that persecutes you. The second system used is to terrorize the subject against the possibility of being discovered and punished by the leaders. Fear of what will happen to you if you don’t do your job well can be terrible. Some groups claim that if the disciples are negligent in carrying out their work, this will cause a nuclear holocaust or some other huge disaster.

Information control
Information control is the last component of mind control. Information is the fuel we use for the proper functioning of our mind: if a person is denied the information necessary to make well-founded judgments, he will no longer be able to form his own opinions. People become trapped in cults not only because they are denied access to critical information, but also because they lack the appropriate internal mechanisms that serve to process them. This information control has a dramatic and devastating impact.
In many totalitarian cults people have limited access to media that are not pertaining to the cult, whether it be newspapers, magazines, television or radio. This is partly due to the fact that they are kept busy to such an extent that they do not have the slightest time to devote to anything else. And when they read something, it’s always about cult propaganda or material that has been carefully censored in order to “help” the followers not to shift their attention.

“We now live in a nation where doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, the press destroy information, religion destroy morals and banks destroy the economy.” – Chris Hedges


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