Eggregore and thought-forms: how a thought becomes reality

Occultism, a thought-form refers to an entity incorporea emanating from one or more persons; whether created through special collective meditation methods is used more the term Egregore or cores (from the ancient greek ἐγρήγορος, whose original meaning, ‘attendant’, seems to have confused with that of “follower” or “passive follower of a group») . 
The eggregore can be created unknowingly well as by an obsessive thought, and in this case we speak of elemental most commonly thought-forms, ie beings known also in mythology, comprising eg the Lamiae (according to Greek mythology, female figures were part human and part animal, rapitrici children or seducing ghosts that lured young men then feed on their blood and their flesh, things that could be understood as a metaphor of life energy) . If negative, can harm the person you are parasitic, taking away precisely, vital energy … 
In hermetic-esoteric field it is due to the use of Eliphas Levi Prola “eggregore” in the sense of collective thought-form.

Every thought, produces waves or vibrations that tend to propagate into the surrounding space and the ether there is a lot of mental matter ready to respond to similar impulses. These waves are similar to those created by a falling stone in a pond: however, do not propagate in a single plane, but in many dimensions, such as those of the sun or a lamp for instance. The power of the thought of more people together is always greater than the sum of their separate thoughts , then we know that the union is strength; Therefore it is extremely beneficial for any city or community, that there are people who come together to generate high-level thoughts . We have a beautiful example of the law of Maharishi , which we invite you to go to deepen.

We must remember that the only thing we are dealing with at the end, are always pure thoughts and the thoughts may be changed , believe it or not, we who choose our thoughts! Albeit unconsciously, the man is a continuous creator, in fact, when he thinks, speaks, wills, suffers, rejoices, etc., Creates energy structures in the subtle worlds, which will be more powerful and resilient, the stronger were the thoughts, feelings, desires and emotions.

If some thought is repeated multiple times, can generate such a strong thought-form, to prevent their extinction, it gets to recreate the thought that generated in the mind of the thinker. From this fact arises the great danger facing those who “enjoy” seeing horror movies and the like. Such individuals, without knowing it, create a thought-form of tension and terror that, over time, can establish unreasonable fears that tranquilizers may offer only a slight relief.

If the thought of an individual or his feelings are directed to a given person, the thought-form arising will head towards it and, if it is in his astral and mental body matter suitable, it will drain by creating a type related effect original thinking.

All of nerves sick, from the lightest to the most severe forms such madness, are ideal targets of these external vibrations that are real wave trains coming from violent, by collerosi, by squabbling, from the places where accidents happen or misfortunes, assaults and murders. 
Since in the vicinity of the emotional source of such frequencies are more penetrating because very intense, two squabbling spouses are more harmful to their children that if they were orphaned and abandoned. Addiction to quarrels, becomes callous habit that prevents the entry of positive emotions, what are the psychological nourishment for good growth.

The proximity to outbreaks of violence is so destructive that in India do not build homes in the vicinity of prisons, asylums and public slaughterhouses.

Each Egregore helps the community that has formed: it is an extraordinary reservoir of energy. It also has a symbolic form, often to an animal: bear, tiger, rooster, eagle, dove, etc.

But the essential is to understand how they can form a powerful cores that work in the world, to help enlighten and creatures. Only, beware: you may even be punished and electrocuted by a egregore if you have betrayed the ideal it represents.

Rudolf Steiner, the famous esoteric and Austrian theosophist, described various forms of thought, which is beneficial evil. It is for him to elemental entities, such as the nature spirits present in the four elements, but that can be generated by man and become a part of his karma (or destiny) at a later life, going to constitute its physiognomy, or malignant, and hinder their spiritual development. The lies and bad thoughts, especially if collective, would bring to power of astral demons that have come to weigh on the atmosphere of places and terrestrial communities, while also generating destructive environmental phenomena such as earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions …

Among other things, Steiner described such as sound shapes attract elemental beings of the same frequency, can affect human thoughts: a high and sublime music is penetrated by entities good, a discordant and violent consists instead of monstrous beings. Even the electro-magnetic machines and tools of modern industrial civilization would develop elemental hosts “Ahrimanic” or malignant. Even correspond to the speech sounds, according to Steiner, thought-forms, such as those produced by the words of the ancient Egyptian priests to put them guarding the pyramids. 
Every thought, after all, is for Steiner a living entity , which must go back to understand the way it exerts its effects. 
The content of a thought lives as such only in the soul of the man who thought he; but this content causes of the effect in the spiritual world; and these are the perceptible process to the spiritual eye. The thought of what actual reality from one person to another and flows. And the way this thought acts on the other person, is experienced as a process perceived in the spiritual world. So for the one in which they were awakened the higher senses, physically perceptible man is only a part of the whole man. This physical man becomes the center of effluvia animistic and spiritual. »

(Rudolf Steiner. “Theosophy” An Introduction to supersensible knowledge of the world and the destiny of man (1918), “The thought forms and the human aura”)

If the aggregor is understood as a collective thought-form, it can be assimilated in some ways to the collective unconscious theorized by Carl Gustav Jung. The concept of “eggregora” as a group thought-form was also developed in the works of the Golden Dawn and Rosicrucians and was the subject of the writings of authors such as Valentin Tomberg.
For Eliphas Lévi, the ideological relations of force in force between the dominant eggregore on Earth reflect the astral relations between the planets.
With this in mind, it has been argued that eggregore can be tools for acting on history at an archetypal level, imparting social and anthropological changes. The esotericists Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov and Peter Deunov for example, intended to be bearers of the so-called “Universal White Brotherhood”, in order to accelerate the advent of the new Age of Aquarius (in which we are officially entering), feeding it with particular symbols and rituals.
In this sense, the eggregore of Masonic churches and lodges would also act, which in addition to presiding over the teaching of traditional doctrines, would develop powers capable of influencing, both consciously and unconsciously, the evolution of the world. According to a strand of globalist conspiracy, which subsequently spread on the web in the early 2000s, there would be legions of eggregore created by hidden power groups, believed to belong even to alien races or to other dimensions, in order to exploit people’s energy potential, that would suffer a sort of vampirism from entities called by the writer Carlos Castaneda “voladores”, that is predators who “have taken over because we are their food, their source of sustenance. That’s why they squeeze us mercilessly. Just like we raise chickens in coops. “

A psychic, on the other hand, is a person endowed with the ability to connect his individual consciousness with the “database” constituted by the collective human consciousness. All this is present in the unconscious of each human being, but is usually not accessible in normal conditions. It is a database, nowhere and timeless and whose access requires having developed faculties of conscience and self-listening not yet so common to mankind. Other times the connection occurs due to traumatic causes, or the use of hallucinogenic substances, but these contacts are distorted and those people often end up reporting imbalances and deviated messages.
The unconscious beliefs of the psychic on duty are also important, as they filter what is then reworked.
To put it more simply if I start to “channel” the ideas of Nikola Tesla, because any idea that has a certain degree of consciousness (purity and structure) remains in the collective unconscious, I can also see and hear a lot, but my mind does not he is able to understand a club because he is a goat in physics.
Normally they are recorded as if they ended up in a mere archive and mix with the mass of consciousness that some call “voices in the ionosphere” becoming indistinguishable from each other. But in special cases, when they are repeatedly fed by the beliefs and will of millions of people, simple ideas become massive aggregates of energy which are then perceived by other people who give you credit …

The more stable ones are usually introduced into the world by “initiates” or people with deep creative faculties, capable of paving the way for millions of other people. This happens for example when an electronics genius “channels” the idea for a new processor capable of revolutionizing the world of information technology. There is little difference between an inspired engineer, a mathematician genius, an innovator of medicine, and a mystic. All of these people channel a fraction of a larger design and advance the consciousness of humans by paving the way for millions of others.
Many people are still projected to feed these ideas, however, as their structures are disrupted, they no longer have strength and consequently in the decades and centuries to come they will have less and less weight. Maybe we’ll be less afraid, maybe we’ll judge ourselves and others less. We will certainly see some good ones.
That thoughts and our way of thinking affect our state of health is now a fact that has also been proven by science.
A thought-form can be positive or negative and from the moment it is created, it functions like a magnet, attracting everything that can nourish it and that is directly related to it. Then the person will call to himself events, encounters, words that resonate with his thought-form.
A main thought-form attracts secondary thought-forms which are connected to an organ and one or more chakras. At a certain point the physical body and the subtle bodies are weighed down by these thought-forms and to “unload” this weighting, disease arises.
There is no disease at the origin of which there is no thought-form.
However, it is always possible to prevent what happens on the subtle plane from manifesting on the physical one, but to do this it takes a deep knowledge of the mechanism of thought-forms.
In fact, once formed, the thought-form creates a breach that crosses the various layers of the aura, which are no longer able to protect the physical body.
The disease is therefore attracted to us because we emit signals that correspond to thought-form on the subtle plane. In fact, the type of disease that we attract is always in harmony with what we live and with the symbolism of the body and organs …

We are the set of events experienced in our life and it is certain that an event inscribed in memory can never be erased. We can completely forget a story from our past, but the fact in itself remains inscribed in us. There is a kind of database in which everything that concerns us is stored in detail, even if we do not remember it.
We are the set of events that we call “past” and therefore it is utopian to think of canceling an event. What has existed, exists and will always exist. Despite this, what we build around an event, either for the emotion it causes in us, or for the idea that we make of it, depends entirely on our way of seeing things.
Before an illness occurs on the physical plane, apart from an accident, there are many signs that herald it; however, in most cases, we don’t notice them.
For example, a person may have had severe back pain, but had to wait to remain nailed to bed in order to want to go further, looking within himself for the obstacle to overcome.
When we open the doors to this kind of understanding, we admit that what happens to us on the physical plane is only the consequence of a deeper event that has remained unsolved.
However, a thought-form is not enough to understand it from a mental point of view, although this is a fundamental step. The event that generated it must not be forgotten, but accepted and seen from a different perspective.

The thought-forms are here to tell us: sit down for a moment and stop running or looking around for what hurts you. The wound is here, so close that you don’t see it anymore. Look at her.
There are many thought-forms that gravitate, dance or stagnate around us, paralyzing our choices, activating our angers, our impulsiveness and reinforcing our fears. However, fighting against it will not solve our “malaise” at all, rather it will have the opposite effect, it will give it even more power.
There is no rule on the individual path, healing remains a private matter, between me and the Self. Healing does not depend on any external element, it is located within us because we are the healers of our wounds.
Joy is the first criterion of true healing: smiling at life, this is in itself a beginning …
The first stage is acceptance. Since our life is not what we would have liked it to be, rather than accepting it, we invent another one. So, day after day, we create different masks and contribute to a growing bewilderment that leads us to programmed self-destruction.
To recognize which thought-forms clutter us and slow down our path, an act of authentic humility is indispensable. Here is the act that will allow us, finally, to accept what we are, to accept our life as it is, without pride and without fear.
When we make the sacred gesture of removing the masks behind which we thought we were protecting ourselves, we perform an act of courage and an act of love. This love will lead us to healing.
At this point we are asked for an act of trust, not towards someone external to us, but towards that part of us who knows that everything is “right”. At that moment, the resistance that we opposed to our thought-forms disappears.
To fight means to pretend that a situation or a person is as we would like it to be: from the moment in which we no longer demand anything, neither from an event nor from a person, a “miracle” occurs which is part of the great Universal Laws.
We have just let go of the sphere of the conditioned to enter the infinite space of the unconditioned, a space of deep inner peace in which there is nothing to prove, there is no longer any purpose to be achieved.
How many times, powerless and without more resources, did we have to accept something that we were no longer able to control?
In that precise moment we discovered, amazed, that without our intervention everything was easily resolved! Let it flow, everything flows …


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