Aliens: who are they?

The word alien (from the Latin alienus , or ‘belonging to others, others; stranger; alien; adverse », assumes different meanings depending on the context), in general indicates any thing or person unrelated to the context. 
The term extraterrestrial instead (commonly understood as alien) means any object or subject of origin external to the planet Earth and can be related to material such as meteorites or life forms unrelated to the Earth. 
The huge number of galaxies and then planets, with characteristics very similar to ours, makes it statistically likely their existence.
In popular culture the extraterrestrial is primarily seen as a hypothetical to be endowed with great intelligence and coming from another planet, is a character described in countless works of fiction, but also in reports of mysterious sightings. 
The alleged witnesses of these events are divided between those who consider alien humanoid beings of peaceful disposition and who, on the contrary, describes them as monstrous and evil creatures …

In time has born a real “UFO religion” that believes in the existence of extraterrestrial entities visiting Earth by the famous UFO and able to intervene in human history. Typically the adherents of these religions believe that extraterrestrials have evolved, benevolent and interested in the welfare of the human species and consider that culture, technology and spirituality of extraterrestrials humanity will overcome the ecological, social and spiritual currently the plague …

They also think that problems such as poverty, hatred, war and bigotry can be solved with their help. 
Among the most famous UFO religions there is the Raelian Movement .

The Raelian Movement is based on the belief that certain scientifically advanced extraterrestrials called Elohim , would have created life on Earth through genetic engineering.

Elohim (Hebrew: אֱלוֹהִים, אלהים) is the name in Hebrew Bible of the deity and the title of the God of Israel in the Old Testament. The term is the subject of dispute regarding the interpretation and also on its grammatical consistencyis considered by many authors a plural term. 
Mauro Biglino, expert of history of religions, former translator of ancient Hebrew behalf of  Edizioni San Paolo and writer who brings to light the surprising discoveries made in 30 years of analysis of the sacred texts, offers a discussion of the Old Testament, namely the Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia, using an approach to the translation of the text that he claimed to be as literal as possible and urging, in some cases, to maintain the original terms, not translating at all since considered untranslatable. In particular, it highlights those that considers references to technological expertise of the “Elohim”, which allegedly “created” the man in his own image and likeness.
Biglino presents the hypothesis that, in the Old Testament, the word “Elohim” does not indicate a single entity, but a group of evolved beings and unidentified, which would accelerate the evolution of the human race using advanced engineering techniques genetics, which would be moved using aircraft (identified as alien craft) or otherwise devices with unknown technologies and incompatible with the knowledge of the time. Hence the possible presence of living beings come from other planets or belonging to advanced civilization unrecognized by official historiography.

Biglino, following the “ancient astronaut” theories, identifies these Elohim with the gods of antiquity such as Egyptians or Sumerians, who were in fact a very large number of individuals. Among the Elohim would be counted Yahweh himself – “incorrectly identified as” God “in the Hebrew and Christian culture” – which is almost always referred to as Yahweh Elohim Israel: the term Elohim is not exclusively self Yahweh, but to Joshua 24 : 15 refers also to the false gods worshiped by the Amorites and the enemies of Israel resident fathers over the Mesopotamian river, which Chemosh, Milcom, and many others, so that they too would like the Elohim Yahweh himself but in the tradition and mythology they are identified as “pagan gods.”
The identification of the “Elohim” with extraterrestrial or otherwise evolved beings from other worlds, Biglino same reports: “[…] I have repeatedly said and continue to say that” I do not know who the Elohim because the Bible does not say “but when I there is the specific question I do not subtract and always say “pretend” that the ancients have told the truth and the people of all continents of the Earth define “those guys” as “children of the stars”, so I apply my method and “pretend” to be true. The existence of “those guys” is also certainly more credible and statistically more likely than not that the God that theologians have invented starting from Elohim. If you find that “those guys” were ET I say “fine.” If you find that “those guys” were not ET I say “fine.”


Deros and Teros :

Humanoids from which was born the famous legends of trolls and goblins who said they live underground or under the seabed.

Kelly-Hopkinsville Goblin :

Alien by large pointed ears, eyes shining, hands with nails as well as thin legs yellow. The estimated size of two to four feet.

Hopkinsville Felinoidi :

Large humanoids with the traits of a cat and a thick hair that covers their bodies. They are characterized by great wisdom and intelligence, and would not be aggressive toward humans.

gray :

Small humanoid with gray skin, usually 3-4 feet high, completely blacks and almond eyes, no nose, a very small mouth and hands with 3 or 4 long fingers. They are the kind of aliens seen more frequently and would be guilty of so-called ” abduction “.


Parasitic creatures known as Horus-Ra because of their connotations similar to those of the Egyptian god. They are described as very tall as well as being able to communicate only through telepathy. When they manage to take over a body, they feed on its energy.


Insect-like humanoids. Among the cases of alien abduction, some have been described with the features of a praying mantis.


Beings that feed exclusively on the energy of the bodies they come into possession of. According to the testimonies, the victims always feel very tired tending to develop a strong spiritualite component, praying very often, being the way in which these beings feed themselves with greater efficacy.

Flatwoods Monster:

A tall humanoid whose head is spade-shaped, he was spotted in Flatwoods, West Virginia.

Nordic aliens:
Also called Space Brothers; there are in this “category” i:
-High white.
Aliens who in many cases of contact have been described as identical to Scandinavian subjects but of greater stature. Most of them are male. Some ufologists say that in the past these creatures would have been mistaken for divine entities (as we have already said before, following the speech of the “elohim”, entering the collective imagination in various forms including angels, saints and divine messengers. They have a breath very slow and a lower blood pressure than normal and compared to the average of humans.

Green men:

Little green humanoids protagonists of rare cases of abduction and contacts. However, they are the protagonists of many films and books.

Moth Man:

Great winged humanoid, described as very tall, with lava red eyes, a gray body and large wings.


Humanoids with reptilian traits and which conspiracy theories indicate as likely rulers of the world. They are evil and some believe they are the ones who control the grays.

Aartsen, a Dutch teacher, linked to Benjamin Creme’s “Share International” movement (which proclaims the imminent advent of an alien Messiah) has long been proposing this “spiritual” vision of extraterrestrials, based essentially on the experiences of contactists – from George Adamsky to Orpheus Angelucci, from Aladdin Felix to Daniel Fry- who since the early 1950s reported encounters with creatures from other worlds carrying messages of peace. Messages soon ridiculed and then forgotten.

In Gerard Aartsen’s book “Here to Help: UFOs and The Space Brothers” much space is given to the figure of George Adamsky, a well-known and controversial American contactist. He was the first to tell in public that he saw a flying saucer, got on board and talked with the people from the space who had explained the universality of life to him. He called those beings “Masters”, to emphasize how much more advanced than we were not only technologically, but above all spiritually.

As soon as Adamsky gained some visibility and began to attract public attention with his messages of hope and peace – claims the author – the lobbies of power (especially the military one) began to defame him, to ridicule his experiences, to invent false stories against him. A real conspiracy that had the result of making him lose credibility and take him off the scene.

But in Aartsen’s book there are many references also to the “Friendship Case”, the mass contact that from 1956 to 1978 would have occurred between a hundred people and a group of Aliens in Italy, especially in the Pescara area. A story revealed only recently, in all its truly disconcerting yet coinciding details with what happened in the same years to other contactors in different areas of the world. Particular importance is recognized to the consul Alberto Perego, author of books now almost impossible to find in which – almost 60 years ago – he faced the Ufo phenomenon without hesitation.

But who are these “Brothers of Space” and how are they helping us? Gerard Aartsen thus expounds his philosophy, which we could almost define, precisely, religion: “They have come to our planet at the origin of time. Some of them have manifested themselves over the millennia among men to help them and to spread wisdom among them. After its long evolutionary path, humanity is now affirming its identity and having a cosmic awakening. This not only means that it is ready to reunite with the brothers and sisters of the universe, but also with the Ancient Masters – the spiritual hierarchy of the Masters – the next kingdom of nature after the human one.

So the people of space are here to support us in the decisive moment of our evolution, which will become an indisputable fact when the Master of Masters, the Master of the world, shows himself to everyone in a television broadcast “. According to Benjamin Creme this event is very close. In the meantime, our space brothers work tirelessly to keep our planet intact and hospitable despite all our efforts to pollute it, in all senses, both physical and ethereal, that is, with our bad negative thoughts and emotions, and through radiation nuclear power plants produced by tests and plants.

“People expect aliens to come from a deep space, but aliens from a certain point of view could be considered more terrestrial than the terrestrials themselves …

In the Bible, where the Elohim say “let’s make man in our image and likeness” it is not a plural maiestatis. “

The words (summarized by us) of the famous character of Adam Kadmon about aliens in one of his interviews.


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