Astral journeys: Out Of Body Experience, how to travel out of the body?

The expression extracorporeal experience, also known with the abbreviations OBE and sometimes OOBE (from the English out of body experience), indicates all those experiences in which a person perceives to “get out” of his physical body and to project his own consciousness beyond body boundaries.
Sensation that some feel as if they are floating outside their body and, in certain cases, perceiving the presence of their body from an external point (autoscopy). One hypothesis formulated in mystical circles is that some lucid dreams would be presumed astral journeys, while conversely, some experiences that might seem astral journeys would instead be only dreams or would fall into that category of phenomena called “oneironautics” (activities, sciences and techniques related to becoming aware in a dream, or the fact of being asleep, so that the resulting ability is to move with full consciousness and mastery within the dream. With practice the onironaut, that is to say the “lucid” dreamer, can get to explore and change the dream to your liking).

There are many people who experience sensations characteristic of astral travel without being aware of it.
These experiences can be abruptly interrupted by fear. It is in fact destabilizing emotions, as unknown, that frequently block the OBE, especially in beginners or in people who live it spontaneously, without any type of preparation or awareness.
Different traditions speak of the astral journey, starting with shamanism. But Plato, Socrates, Plutarch also described extracorporeal experiences in some of their works. In the same way, some religions, just think of the Hindu Upanishads, who often speak to us of astral travel performed by the initiates, not to mention the various esoteric currents and the New Age itself, to which the widespread diffusion of themed books is due.

These “journeys” take place through the astral body, which is immaterial and more subtle in energy than the physical body. When the astral body travels, it seems to be held together with the physical by a silver cord, often mentioned in the theme books, as an element of union between soul and body.
When do you travel? It depends, if in some cases the OBE occurs during sleep in a more or less spontaneous way, in other cases it can occur following accidents, particular moments of life, in meditation or in a state of trance. However, the OBE should not be confused with near-death experiences, also called NDE (near death experience). Although the exit of the soul from the body, accompanied by the typical sensation of floating above the body itself, they share the two experiences.

During deep sleep, the astral body and the physical-etheric body mate, when the REM phase takes over the link between the two bodies decreases and, in some cases, the extracorporeal experience occurs. Although several researchers claim that this happens several times during the night, the term astral travel usually refers only to conscious experiences.
Several theories agree that this separation promotes the recovery of aetheric or vital energy consumed during waking. And that’s why astral travel would be more frequent than we think …

Very often they would occur from lucid dreams, although they are not the same thing. Lucid dreaming simply favors detachment thanks to the awareness that characterizes it.

One of the most difficult things to understand is that the astral world is real, inhabited and “solid” like the material world. Just as steam is real like water or ice, so the astral is real like the world of matter. In fact, think that the space between the electrons of the atoms of the so-called solid matter is proportionally as large as the space between the planets of our solar system. Since every electron, atom and molecule are in constant and intense vibration, there is actually nothing solid. The vibration of the substances of the astral world is higher than that of the material world, thus proving to be finer.

The astral world is in fact essentially a world of thought, where thought is reality. The expression of thoughts remains raw, thinking continues to reflect physical things, however there are various degrees in the astral life and with the emergence step by step of spiritual awakening, narrowness slowly disappears making this life more refined. The world itself is shaped by thoughts that if we internally experience conflicting emotions, fears, grudges or attachments, we will model the astral “sphere” based on these emanations. Hence, those who live an internal hell will exteriorize it in astral matter, while those who are in harmony with mental and emotional energies will live experiences that can be defined as heavenly. These experiences are therefore not punishments or rewards dropped from above, but are the consequences of one’s inner emanations, conscious and unconscious. Hence the need to make our unconscious clear through meditative practices that teach us to master mental activity.
The inhabitants of the astral world are made up of the astral bodies of sleeping living people and the deceased. Then there are also the astral bodies of sleeping animals, the ghosts (shells or ghosts) and the beings of nature (fairies, gnomes, etc.), which will be described in detail below.

The astral body, being made up of much finer matter, surrounds and penetrates the physical body and survives the latter for a number of years. This is not immortal either because in the end it disintegrates and dissolves into its original elements. Death actually means transformation, resurrection, the rising of the superior from the lower.
Given the more etheric condition of the astral body, it is possible for a being who lives completely in the astral world to occupy the same space as one who lives in the physical world without the two getting in the way of movement; they are so unaware of each other’s presence. This means that around us are the entities of the astral world and of the other worlds who live their lives, without mutual consciousness, except in special circumstances.
The technique is a set of instructions that serve as a guide in a relaxation process. In practice it is a step by step guide. In the techniques for exiting the body, the methods of body position, the type of breathing, the methods of meditation, which are visual, auditory or kinesthetic (ability to perceive and recognize the position of one’s body in space and the state of contraction of your muscles, without the support of sight or hearing). The techniques usually serve to guide the less experienced during the initial phase. There are also advanced or consolidation techniques, over time it is often possible to do without the techniques or you can build one of your own. Just as in gymnastics, constant exercise helps the athlete to keep the body toned, so in astral travel the technique helps to increase and keep the level of awareness alive while the physical body falls into a state of numbness or sleep.
No technique is binding for a good result.

How many times have we tried to get out of the body but have we only found ourselves in front of failed exercises? Why think that any unsuccessful attempt is a failure? The truth is that any attempt to exit the body brings us ever closer to understanding astral travel. Attempting to get out of the body does not only mean maturing the technique to project oneself into the astral but also maturing the concept of exit.
Whenever we try a technique to get out of the body or simply do a pre-astral travel relaxation exercise, we must study our sensations, observe what we feel and what happens, basically we go by attempts …
By watching certain dreams we can realize that we are in front of an exit door. I will give you some simple examples: never dreamed of falling from bed, of being in a car that travels madly, of falling from above, of being on a supersonic plane? These are just some examples of the “acceleration” mode but there are also other modes such as “waiting”.
There are two options during an “acceleration” song:

waking up with a start

facilitate the dream and perform extreme actions in the sense of accelerating even more in the case of the dream in the car or letting yourself fall in the case of the ravine or falling from bed, despite being instinctively very difficult …
During the dream, the mind tends to veil the exit from the body by replacing the real exit with a dreamlike symbolism. In practice our dream illusion puts us in front of images and feelings of “acceleration” in place of the real trigger images of the astral journey, what we have to do is create an act of will, a simple act of will that will result in pure awareness . By act of will we intend to steer the dream towards a phase of exasperation, such as crashing the car while running, voluntarily jumping from a ravine, falling off the bed etc.
In addition to the “acceleration” dreams, the “waiting” dreams, perhaps more difficult to grasp, can also be added, probably some critical experience is needed. Examples of dreams of “waiting” can be those in which we make a certain repetitive and stationary action, such as cleaning a glass, building something, reading instructions etc. In this particular type of dream, we are using our dormant awareness to do something, and if in doing this we manage to voluntarily realize what we are doing, then the way to the astral journey would be a breath away from us.
Each dream hides an action that somehow veils our cognitive act, the dream transforms our awareness into symbols and images, training to detect inconsistencies or certain scenes can help us become aware within our dreams.

The first collections of OBE cases were created by Ernesto Bozzano in Italy and Robert Crookall in the United Kingdom. Crookall approached the topic from a spiritualistic position and collected his cases mainly from spiritualist newspapers such as Psychic News.
The first large scientific study on OBEs was carried out in 1968 by Celia Green, a British writer on philosophical skepticism and psychology. He collected first hand written reports from a total of 400 subjects, recruited through appeals in the main media and later from questionnaires. Its purpose was to provide a taxonomy of the different types of OBEs, seen simply as an anomalous perceptual experience or hallucination, leaving open the question of whether some of the cases could incorporate information derived from extrasensory perception.
A very simple exercise to attempt the undertaking of an OOBE is the following:
the aim is to look at one’s hands in a dream, at that moment everything will change rapidly and we will become aware. Practically:
during the day we have to repeat ourselves “This night in a dream I will look at my hands”
during the day make the gesture of actually looking at your hands several times;
repeat this action as many times as possible;
repeat the gesture even for several days in a row;
before going to sleep we have to imagine that in a dream we will look at our hands.
Our mind will be so impressed that within a dream we will suddenly look at our hands and … guess what happens?
Once you are able to get out of your physical body you can walk the streets passing unnoticed by any person alive. On the other hand, animals will feel your presence as they have very acute psychic senses.
Looking closely at the people you will notice that each has an aura that extends from each side for about 60-90 centimeters. In people who are more spiritually advanced, the auras will be brighter and more luminous, but we will deepen this topic in the future …
You can also see bright clouds whose colors change constantly. They are made of energy created by the thought of many people (a topic that we will discuss in the future). Thoughts are attracted to related thoughts as it is well known in the “law of attraction”.


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